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Your First Date with Escort & Your Dress

by on Sep.23, 2009, under General News

Nothing is sexier to a busty london escort lady than a man’s efforts to impress her. Your date may be desired by many men around, she probably is therefore an effortlessly beautiful young girl. After all going out with your date for the first time is usually a special occasion, so dress-up for it!

But almost all of us already know ‘what to do’. The ‘do not’s’ is the area most men need help. Let’s get you started with some very simple tips:

# Too much cologne: it is always a no-no to all the girls. Why hide the natural aroma of your own body? Instead, just use a subtle romantic perfume that blends well with your body type and does not hide you. Don’t be too sweet as well.

# Too short pants: shedding clothes makes her look glamorous, the same will surely ruin yours! Beware of the short pants embarrassments. A little bit of belly-bulge on the other hand is better than to show-off your not-so-sexy bottom.

# Unwanted hair: check your nose, ears and eye brows (yes, I mean ‘eye-brows’) very carefully before stepping out to meet your date on the very first day. These areas with unwanted hairs can kill your impression in seconds. Man with extra dense, curly eye-brows must make it a regular schedule to the spa.

# Shoes: girls are obsessed with shoes, make sure you wear a clean, well-maintained pair of shoes and they must suit your dress.

# Suit & tie: don’t wear one unless your destination demands one. Instead, go easy with a nicely fitted jacket or may be, if you are confident enough, just go in your plain shirt & trousers! Nothing appeals more than an effortlessly smart dress-up style that flatters your body and yet does not make it vulgar. And please don’t wear khakis and striped shirts.

# Color it: don’t go black, you are not mourning for this date. Add up a little bit of color.

# No bluetooth & other gadgets etc.: It’s your first date and that too with one of the most desirable London Escort models. Why would you let anything at all to interrupt it?

Finally, just go meet her with your most confident smile and a few nicely organized red roses. Your decent, friendly, gentleman like attitude and way of treating her are going to make the most contribution to impress your date!

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PalaceVIP now on page 1 on london Keywords

by on Sep.20, 2009, under General News

Are you interested about almost any london escorts web content you come across? Well if you are, you will definitely have a great time reading this blog. When you think about the UK – the first thing that comes to mind is football, right? This might be the case from your standpoint but you should also know that there is another thing that comes to the minds of many. In fact,  as an escorting website they have now moved to the first page in the main keywords which are usually browsed by people looking for companionship. This tells you so much about the business, doesn’t it?

Now they are one of the best london escorts 24/7 websites and they have not been in the business for that long. In other words, they are babies in the escorting business. However, this does not bar their progress and rise to fame. Having said this one could only think about the great services that the company can offer to people.

  • Quality Services

The first thing that they offer to people is quality services. This is one thing that not all companies fancy. Well if you had this kind of service for the whole duration of your existence in the business, you will definitely rise faster. This means that your growth as a business will be maximized.

  • Quality Women

Aside from quality services, they offer quality companionship of women. This does not only mean the quality of giving pleasurable companionship but the beauty and intelligence of a range of women that are well above the average. Other escorting agencies do not offer these types of women mainly because they are very expensive but with this website, you have all the choices.

These two are the main reasons behind their success. If they can further add exceptional services to clients as well as adding classy women, they could well become one of the most successful legal websites in the world.

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