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Explains to us what is an escort service

by on Feb.20, 2010, under General News

Escort Service. Rings a bell? Yes, we have heard this term. Many people have already heard this term. Unfortunately, some have been misinformed, or have developed misconceptions at the back of their minds. What exactly is an escort service? Who provides them? And to whom is the service given to?

  • Escort Service Defined

Our escorts give definition to the escort service term. This is a type of service to provide female escorts to male clients. The service starts with the client reaching out to an escort agency and the agency arranges a meeting between the client and one of the agency’s escorts. If the meeting is held at the residence of the client, it is referred to as in call, while if it is done at another venue, perhaps a hotel room, then it is called outcall. Some escort services allow longer service durations, and the escorts can accompany their clients on travel, or even business trips.

  • Who provides them?

The services are offered, aside from the agency which serves as the middleman, by escorts. These are the girls who accompany their clients and provide services, which may include providing sexual services, depending on what was agreed on. For this, London Escorts 24/7  have been known to provide a very satisfactory level of service to their clients.

  • Service for Whom?

Technically, to any adult male client who reaches out to an escort agency and aiming for female companionship. In other situations, there are independent escorts who do not work under an agency; however, the level of safety working with these escorts is lower compared to those working for reliable agencies. Escorts are certified reliable when providing these types of services to the clients they serve.

The escort service industry has indeed becoming popular nowadays. However, there is a need to make sure that you are reaching out to a reliable and dependable agency for all your servicing needs. After all, you also want to protect privacy and confidentiality in this situation.

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Explains to us what is an escort massage

by on Feb.11, 2010, under General News

There are times when a relaxing escort massage is more fun and entertaining that outrageously getting to the physical level and providing pleasures. Some clients even prefer taking this turn that just going directly to what they are supposed to do, and ending the day with a hot BANG! However, some are curious as to what really is definition of an escort massage. And for this, our lovely escorts provide an explanation.

  • By definition and History

Going to the definition of the term, an escort massage is also known as an erotic massage or a sensuous massage given to our valued clients. This is a special technique which is used to enhance or ultimately achieve arousal sexually. This type of massage started as being part of an overall medical treatment, and then evolving into a type which is used for erotic purposes and achieving sexual pleasure. Nowadays, this has been used by some couples as a part of their lovemaking. This is also one of the services provided by our lovely and steamy escorts. An escort massage is the type of massage which is focused on erogenous zones in the body, in order to stimulate sexual arousal.

  • Sensual massage

What is more lovely and satisfying than getting a massage? However, this is not just a typical massage that our London escorts offer, but this is the massage that can arouse your every sexual sense, stimulates your libido and increases your ability to respond to a sensual stimuli. Our steamy escorts can provide the ultimate satisfaction that you need. It is also best, by the way, to note that escorts are well trained in this area; reaching out to them may just be one of the best decisions you have ever made in your adult life. And a really satisfying one, that is.

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London escorts explains to us the typical workday of an escort model

by on Feb.01, 2010, under General News

What do our ladies do on a daily basis? Basically, the workload that they get varies from day to day. Sometimes, they get a a few clients that can keep them busy all day. However, there are also times when they only get one or two customers for a day.

Not all work on an 8-5 schedule. Some of them prefer to work at night and go home in the morning. Some of them prefer to work during the day and go home before the sun comes down. Some of them work on a mid-shift schedule where they start in the afternoon and finish at dawn.

There are times when the work schedules of the girls depend on the clients’ availability. Most of them already have regular clients who want to spend time with them during their spare time, so they need to adjust their schedules just to entertain those clients. Most are available to work 24/7 and some of them work on an on-call basis.

Even though all have the same job nature, not all of them comply with the same rules. Freelance girls have their own rules because they do not work for a company. Agency represented girls are required to follow the strict rules of the agency that they work for. Part-timers, which are composed of students and workers who want to make supplemental income by working at night or during weekends, have less flexible schedules because they can only work for a few hours a day.

London escorts are just like any other female workers out there. They spend hours to work and go home to take care of their families. Now that you have learned the typical workday of a model, you may realise that they truly deserve the respect from people around them.

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