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Shares with us 3 essential tips when picking up escort models!

by on Mar.25, 2010, under General News

Escort services is something which should not be taken for granted. After all, there is a need to hire services, only from trusted escort models. There are hundreds of hot and lovely looking escort models lurking everywhere in the city, but not everybody can be trusted nowadays. Therefore, there is a need to know some information and tips when picking up escort models. In this article, our lovely escorts provide such important information.

1. Be Yourself. Being yourself does not mean showing off all your negative side, but it simply means being you without any mask on. You are paying the services of an escort model; therefore there is no need to pretend. However, there is a caution for this tip. Do not be overly confiding. It may end up with falling for the escort service you have hired. It may also stir problems when you have given too much information about yourself of your family. Therefore, be selective with the information you give out to your hired escort model.

2. Be the Boss. Some escort models are trained to be the predators in the game. However, you are the one paying for the services; thus, you should be in control of everything. Just a note, be nice. The escort models you are paying for are also humans. Take into consideration their limitations and boundaries. Do not be overly demanding of what you desire.

3. Be appreciative. Hiring a London escort model is a business agreement. Saying thank you will not hurt much. At the end of the day, both the client and the escort model are still human beings who enjoyed the companionship of each other. Therefore, if you are satisfied with the service being provided to you, show your appreciation to the escort model you hired.

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Presents to us the different types of escorting services!

by on Mar.15, 2010, under General News

Indeed, escorting service is not just one type of service provided, as one may have thought. Providing an escort service is not just getting all hyped up with sexual desires, fantasies and gratification. It is a viable type of service, which is not to be misinterpreted. In line with this, our lovely London escorts present to us the various types of escorting services.

The types of escorting services are generally identified through some categories:

1. Purpose. There are different purposes for hiring an escort service. The service can be for temporary service only, or for a longer duration. The temporary service can be just a meeting at the residence or a hotel, which of course, includes other services which may incorporate sexual activities. And the other is for longer duration, such as the services provided by escorts to accompany their clients in travels and business trips. This is generally availed of by clients who need temporary companionship without intending to build a serious relationship.

2. Services Offered. The services offered depends on what was discussed beforehand. It can include agreement on companionship for travels, and other activities such as spending holidays on a yacht, or perhaps diving. It is in this category wherein extra services are identified, such as personal preferences of the client. This includes the agreement of what the client prefers, as well as the limitations and boundaries set by the escort service.

3. Price. Of course, everybody wants to get the worth of the services they paid for. Usually, it is more expensive to hire the services of an escort who works under an escort agency. Additional payments, tip, can also be discussed between the client and the escort. These arrangements can be a negotiation, meaning, an agreement is mutual between both parties.

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Present to us the TEN COMMANDMENTS of escorting services

by on Mar.01, 2010, under General News

Escorting services is the type of service wherein a client requests for an escort from an agency. Most often than not, the purpose is for companionship with pleasure and sexual gratification in mind. Reaching out to an agency is one of the best methods available to get escorts that are trained and reliable when it comes to providing the best escort service. Still, there are some things every individual needs to know about escort service. Hence, our escorts present to us the TEN COMMANDMENTS that escort service providers follow.

1. Keep things strictly confidential. After meeting a client, do not go around telling everybody his name, his address, and don’t particularly walk up to his wife, or girlfriend, telling them of the events the other night.

2. After getting the arrangement from the London escort agency, wait for his call. Do not call first as it may cause trouble if the person is in a relationship.

3. No room for negotiation after. Be sure to discuss payment before doing the service, not after. If you did a good service, a good pay is what you deserve.

4. Be positive. Think of what you are doing as an art, not just a job.

5. Provide an extreme level of service. If there is such a thing as 200%, then do it!

6. Set Boundaries. Discuss the things you can, and you cannot do in advance.

7. Be honest. This does not mean disclosing everything about your life, but at least be honest in dealing with him.

8. Hold your head up high. Do not think of yourself lowly. You provide service, and you get paid for it.

9. Remember to say thank you. After all, this is business we are talking about. After a deal, and after providing the service, be appreciative.

10. Do not fall in love with your client. By far, this is the most important rule. Some things just get complicated if this rule is broken.

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