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Working As an Escort? – See These Tips!

by on Dec.31, 2012, under General News

Should you decide to work on the escorting industry, it is not all about being beautiful and sexy. There are things you need to keep in mind if you want to stay longer in the industry. Busty London escorts are given to be stunningly magnificent; they are the envy of everyone, and the fantasy of most men. Having a roster of regular clients is your top most priority. How will you do it? See these tips and tricks below:

  1. Safety is indeed imperative – when we talk about safety, we are referring to all aspects including health, physical abuse, social safeness and all others. Remember that crimes in relation to companionship are rising in numbers. Always make sure to go only with legit clients, safe places, and confirmed bookings.
  2. The cash money should never touched by your hands – it is a practice of most escorts London models that cash payments are never given directly into the hands. Commonly it is left somewhere in the hotel, given as a donation, or at least it should be handed very discreetly most especially if you are in a public place. Also, make sure to put the payment inside an envelope or special cash bag.
  3. Saying NO is completely okay – depending on the agency you are connected with, saying no to a client may be okay. For individual London escorts, this is completely practiced but for those who are in a company, you have to check protocols. Anyhow, always remember that being firm to your answer is definitely important.
  4. Enjoy the time when you’re with a client – if you want to be a known escort London, make sure to give clients what they want and what they need. Enjoy your moments together and never allow negative thoughts to come in. Be sweet, sincere, honest, physically attractive, and best of all caring to every client.

Being in the service of companionship requires utmost diligence, patience and understanding to stay still in the industry. Following the above given tips and tricks will conversely allow you to become a successful escorts London model.

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Visiting Macau – The Sin City of Asia

by on Dec.29, 2012, under General News

In London there is the red light district, the USA has Las Vegas, these cities are known for being an openly liberated place where everything is pretty legal. Prostitution, gambling, trades and all others can be enjoyed here without getting into jail. If you think that only western people do have these so-called sin cities, Asia got one as well. Macau is thought to be the sin city of Asia, the Las Vegas of the South, and the Asian counterpart of London’s red light district.

If you want to experience what it feels like being in a place where everything can be enjoyed as long as you want and as long as you can bear, travel to Macau with Busty London escorts. Here it doesn’t feels like being in your own native country but things are truly different with each other.

Macau is the number one tourist destination of high class clients and businessman owners in Europe and in America. Bring your escorts London date in Macau and lavish on a very diverse experience. Aside from its staggeringly beautiful hotels and mesmerizing girls, some of the places you and your escorts London date can visit are the following:

  1. Ruins of St. Paul – built in the 17th century, this place was destroyed by fire in 1835 calling it the ruins of St. Paul. This is Macau’s most visited shrine after the hotels.
  2. Senado Square – featuring a Portuguese inspired architecture within a Chinese country, take photographs here together with escort London as this place is so picturesque.
  3. Macau Tower – standing high at 338 meters and filled with amazing combination of lights at night, the Macau Tower is the 10th highest standing tower in the world. Your escorts London date will surely enjoy the outdoor observation deck of this place as it feels one inch closer to the stars above.

Other attractions in Macau that you and your escort London date shouldn’t miss are the following: Fisherman’s Wharf, Kun Iam Statue, Wine and grand Prix Museum, Greyhound racing, Guia Fortress, and hotels such as the city of dreams, Lisboa, Wynn and all others.

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Travelling To Bangkok with Escorts

by on Dec.29, 2012, under General News

If you want to get out from the highly urban beauty of Europe and craves for something unique, mysterious, colorful and indeed exciting, visit the stunning country of Thailand together with an escort London model and feel the captivating magnificence of Asia.

Full of vigor, exciting activities, new cuisine, delectable street foods, different language and friendly people, the capital of Thailand which is Bangkok is indeed one of the hottest tourist destinations especially to Caucasian people. However, just like any other vacation holiday withher, there are tips and tricks you need to know to ensure a smooth sailing Asian escape. See these tips listed below for more information on how to wonderfully enjoy the city of Bangkok.

  1. Enjoy the street foods of Bangkok – delectable cheap treats in the streets will never hurt your stomachs and pockets. Bangkok is known for its tasty street foods that are available just about anywhere. From shopping malls to street corners, rest assured that she will never get hungry at Bangkok!
  2. Shopping in this country means real bargain – if the girl you are with enjoys real cheap bargains and super affordable garments, head on to the night market of Bangkok and there you will find great deals. One tip, if you see both local Thais and travelers patronizes a certain shop, most likely they sell great items at an affordable price.
  3. Experience authentic Thai massage – for a relaxing night with her, why don’t you try a real authentic Thai massage. Known for its super calming stretching technique, relax your muscles and mind all at once. Bangkok is filled with great massage parlors and usually they are open 24 hours a day.

In the meantime, forget the orthodox beauty of Europe, economically attractive cities of America, highly technological world of Japan, and the wildlife exquisiteness of Africa. Visit one of the most frequented places in Southeast Asia with London escorts and experience the never have a boring couple trip once again.

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Sexiest Places in London

by on Dec.29, 2012, under General News

Sure that London is the home of the infamous red light district, this is where most escort London models and agencies are erected while pubs and bars are also growing in numbers like mushroom in the wild. For clients and high class guests, this place might be center of their attention if they want to date wonderful girls but did you know that there are hidden places in this area that are thought to be sexier than the red light district?

If you are an executive or businessmen travelling in UK either for business or pleasure that wants to have some kinky night outs in some of the city’s most pleasurable spots, read on to this article.

  1. Gordon’s Wine Bar – having an atmosphere that is dark, candlelit, cavernous, and aromatically enticing, Gordon’s Wine Bar is not just the oldest wine bar in the place but it is also the home of romantic daters. Have a date here with model and enjoy each other’s company while sipping a great wine.
  1. The Bathhouse – erected in 1890s, sitting right besides Liverpool Street, this Turkish bathhouse is filled with wonderful mosaics in a pavement of marble. If you don’t know the place, try to ask escorts models and they will lead you on the right way.
  1. Smoking Terrace Club Ivy – if you are a cigar fan, visiting this place will give you an additional pleasure. Most escort girls can be seduced here as the place resembles to a miniature castle but the only difference is that fumes and wonderful girls are all over the place.
  1. The Rasul at Elemis day spa – if you want something that is relaxing and de-stressing, try The Rasul and be the judge why this place is said to be the sexiest Arabian inspired day spa. You can try it with your PALACE VIP date while you can request her to be your own private masseur.

For a more practical and convenient dating experience with Busty London escorts, try booking a date online whereas the aforementioned places can also be booked prior to your visit. Travel to UK and experience not just pure fun and excitement but also top admirable pleasure.

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Convincing an Escort to Go Out Of Town

by on Dec.29, 2012, under General News

Travelling around the world whether in Europe, Asia, America, Africa, or Australia is indeed fun most especially if you have a beautiful London escort girls model present at your side. However, not all escorts are in favor of going out of town. Since most of them do have booking and appointments almost every day, taking a london escorts in a vacation would mean a big challenge on your part as a client.

If you want to take some london escorts travelling, may it be out of town or even out of the country, there are certain tips and tricks that would help you most. Read on below and discover these techniques on how you could easily persuade these beautiful girls to go with you in a holiday.

1. Book london escorts not only during the trip but days prior and after the vacation – prior to your vacation, they needs to prepare and this takes both time and effort. Booking them all throughout your vacation isn’t enough, you have to give them extra time to organize and settle things out. To this end, it is a must that you also book these days. Doing so will increase the likelihood of getting a yes from an escort model.

2. Get them all the things they will need – if you can buy them all the things that they will need for the trip, the better it is. Buy them clothes, beauty products, vitamins, accessories, bags and all others. Making the model feel that they are special and that you really wanted to be with them will thoroughly convince her of saying yes.

3. Ask her permission first before booking a ticket – last but not the least, before finalizing a date with model; make sure to solicit their opinion first. Do not by all means confirm a trip when you haven’t asked the model yet.

Travelling with magnificent models will certainly give you a memorable experience. Do not miss this chance and follow the given guidelines mentioned above to hear that most wanted yes with beautiful model.

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Body Gestures – Discover What Is On Her Mind

by on Dec.29, 2012, under General News

As they say, action speaks louder than words. This is likewise applicable when it comes to dating Escort Model. Along with their stunning body, sweet voice, and magnificent beauty; there are body gestures you need to know which might give a hint on what’s she’s thinking.

Rolling of the eyes, sleeking of the hair, rubbing elbows, clasping of the hands are some of the most body gestures that suggests something. In the world of escort London girls, understanding these non-verbal cues would really mean a lot. If you are a newbie or first time dater, read on to this article and discover mysterious facts about body gestures. You can use these hints to take a clear guess on what’s running in her mind.

1. Tying of the hair – if you are in a restaurant dating beautiful girls, and you caught the escort pulling her hair up, this signals a desire for sensual pleasure. This conveys the meaning of heat building up and lucky for you if you’re next stop is in the hotel room.

2. Rolling of the eyes – unlike the sensual communication cue of the first one, rolling of the eyes may signal boredom and monotony. This is very apparent on individual London escorts or those that are not connected in a company. Upon dating them, you’ll quickly notice that most of them generally become bored talking about religion or politics.

3. Rubbing of the palms – have you seen escorts girl rubbing palms during a date? This nonverbal communication cue do have a meaning of “waiting for something” or “asking for something”. This action is nonetheless significant if you are done dating models and haven’t paid them yet.

4. Looking straight into the eyes – while this universal cue denotes sincerity, in the world of escorts looking straight into the eyes may imply desire. If an escort model looks at you straight to the eyes, sip a wine as she fancy you as a man.

Dating London escorts and talking to them may mean fun but as a client, you also need to study their nonverbal cues to lead you on the right way.



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Vocabulary Words That You Need To Know

by on Dec.27, 2012, under General News

Just like the world we live in, the escorting world is also full of slang terms or common phrases that client needs to know. There are several reasons why one must know these terms and the most significant amongst them all is to understand the world of Elite London Escorts in a much more detailed perspective. Also, if an escort model tries to make a conversation with you, you will not get lost in the jargon.

Some of these vocabulary terms that you must know by heart are the following but not limited to:

  1. Agency – these are the known organizations, companies or individuals that manage doing business with escorts London. They are the ones responsible for taking appointments, calls, advertising services and all others.
  2. Around the world – this is a slang term used to denote a type of sensual pleasure. More commonly it is known in the layman’s term as oral sex.
  3. Attempts – other than its lexical meaning of “to make an effort or to achieve something”, in the escort world attempt means to reach orgasm. This is very helpful especially when conversing a girl in the public and trying to figure out how many orgasms can she do or will she allow.
  4. Bag – no this is not your ordinary garment, this term refers to the use of condom. Commonly you will hear this expression along with other terms such as BJ in a bag, sex with a bag, bring a bag, and all others. When you hear the word bag, it means condom.
  5. Baja Sur – having a direct meaning of low south, this Spanish word means genitals that apply for both men and women.
  6. Crime scene action – this expression means having a sexual activity during your escort menstrual period.

Now that you know some of the most commonly used vocabulary terms in escorts London, booking a date with them would mean a smooth sailing experience. Don’t be afraid to converse with escort London models, since you are already adept with these terms, talking to them equals to excitement.

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Partying Tips and Tricks

by on Dec.27, 2012, under General News

Dining in a fancy restaurant, cruising around the world, checking out romantic places, booking in a hotel, and all others are the most commonly practiced activities when dating a girl from our website. However, these things are not just the only activities that you can do. If you want to have a great start with your date, try bringing her to a club and party with her like there’s no tomorrow.

Partying has also been associated with loud music, dancing, fun and excitement. But this isn’t always the case especially if you don’t enjoy the beat of loud music. To get into the groove together with your date, see these partying tips and tricks below:

  1. Party today or even tomorrow – most clients see going into the club as Saturday or Friday night event. However, you can drop in the club even if it is Monday. Tons of clubs are open from weekend to weekdays and it doesn’t have to be a special day to experience upbeat music.
  2. A whole night event can be tiring – partying doesn’t always mean you have to spend the whole night or until the sun rises. Together with your date, you could go to a club three or four hours, get a couple of drinks there and then head on to your next destination. This tip is quiet applicable for first time party goers or middle age clients who don’t enjoy the group of young loud and often aggressive people.
  3. Try some special cocktails and mixes – one thing in particular that makes club partying really fun is the different mixture of cocktails and concoctions. If you usually drink local beer, try a vodka rum combination or one of those with a fruit base. Also, girls love trying different drinks too so go with the flow and have fun together.
  4. Enjoy the music – RnB, house, techno, pop, are the most common beats you can hear in most clubs. Enjoy these songs now, as you may never hear them in your normal every day life.


Booking a date with elite london escorts  for partying and going into clubs is indeed a most fun and electrifying experience. Get out of the box and mingle with people, mix with the crowd and get lost into the wonderful world of a partying musical night.

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Escorts 101 – How to Reserve a Seat in a High Class Restaurant?

by on Dec.27, 2012, under General News

When dating a escort london in the capital, dining in a fancy restaurant is almost synonymous to saying hi. For most clients, any restaurant will do but for elite businessmen such as executives and company owners, they want nothing but high class venues. However, with tons of special holidays coming, getting a seat for you and your sizzling hot date might not come as easy as counting 1-2-3!

If you are having a hard time with reserving a seat in a high class restaurant, don’t settle to mid-range cafeterias but instead read these helpful tips and tricks listed below:

  1. Get a VIP card – don’t overlook that VIP card being offered by the staff or waiter, it is a must especially when the holiday season is coming. If you are a VIP card holder in a certain venue, the privilege of having a seat is yours, not to mention that you are a priority client. This way, never wait for long queues that would really turn a hot model date off.
  2. Call the restaurant weeks before – if you are not a VIP member there or doesn’t have an online booking connection, calling them weeks before could certainly help you get your desired time. Bear in mind that making a reservation weeks before and not days before.
  3. Give the manager a business card – sounds odd and really peculiar but giving the manager your calling card, especially if you are a high class businessmen or company owner, would increase your chance of having a seat. This shows power and influence that would likewise impress any of the london 24/7 escorts. However don’t be mad if the manager still doesn’t prioritize you, talk to the owner instead and have a bit of chit chat about business to persuade him of giving you a seat.

When dining out with any escort london, make sure to arrange not just your appointment with the girl but your activities as well. Ensure that everything runs smooth and all reservations are carried out for a problem-free fun filled night in a high class restaurant.

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Getting the Girl of Your Dreams – Booking Tips and Tricks

by on Dec.27, 2012, under General News

Physically astounding, curvaliciously alluring, mentally proficient, significantly gorgeous, mesmerizingly beautiful are just some of the adjectives commonly associated with London escort. True from its form, these girls are indeed captivating when it comes to body and beauty. They are the cream of the crop and surely every gentleman wants to have a date with beautiful London escort models.

However, how can you date such beauties? What are the steps you need to incur to see her in person? How can you move closer to your dreams? Read on to this article and discover the easiest and most practical ways to date these girls.

  1. Search the World Wide Web – those pictures listed on the internet of beautiful girls are indeed true, they are not manipulated nor photo shopped, they are your escorts. Searching the web will give you an idea of what are the numbers to contact, what is the fee, what are the protocols, and what are your options.
  2. Book personally – if you want to personally book escort London models and have a safer transaction, walk in to any escorting agency such as PALACE VIP to book an appointment. Remember that only deal with trusted agencies and avoid hoax companies, fly by night firms will only give you problems.
  3. Have an appointment online – for clients who wish to have a date with escort’s model but in a more confidential private way, you can opt for online booking. First you need to register on your chosen website (escorting website), and follow the step by step process on how to book escorts. Commonly, services are being paid via wire transfer, PayPal, and credit card.
  4. Ask for referrals – do you have a friend that previously dated an escort model? Ask him for a referral. Either you will be referred to the model or the model will be referred to you. Any way around, make sure to maintain your safety and only book a date with trusted girls.

Dating beautiful girls isn’t only possible in your dreams, with models; you can actually touch them, feel them, hug them, kiss them or even beyond!

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