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How to Avoid Dating Violence

by on Feb.22, 2013, under General News

Not in all cases that your date turns out well. This may especially prove true if you are dating a companion model. Of course, you are extra careful if you are dating a model which works under an escort agency. But the story can be different if you are hiring the services of an independent.


You may be the type who easily gets annoyed when something irritates you. She may be someone who nags even with strangers. Read for more information on how avoid this type of unlikely event.


The reality of abuse


Abuse does not only happen to people who frequently see each other, or people who has already developed a relationship. Even people who meet as strangers often fall to the dangers of abuse. This can be caused be something spontaneous. A person’s background can play a very important role in this regard.


The definition


Many people live with abusive partners, yet not even knowing that it is already abuse. Hitting is just one of the most common manifestations of abuse. And this is the type mostly endured by escort models. Some clients do not look at escort models as professional people. They look at them as plainly sex workers. Thus, they think that they can do whatever they like to these women, even to the point of hurting them.




A client who treats an escort model like a lowly individual has signs of being a potential abuser. This is particularly true regarding men who calls an escort model names, or belittles them frequently.


Abusing may occur in other ways aside from being physical. It can be emotional and mental.  The effects can even be long lasting. With the information above along with your determination to treat your companion model well, you can expect a good time together.

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Proper Ways to Act in Movie Date with a Companion Model

by on Feb.20, 2013, under General News

So now you have already booked for a companion model. For that night, before going to other places to spend the night away, you have decided to catch a movie you have been longing to watch with someone. This is already considered a movie date with your escort model. There are a few things you need to remember on how to act well in a movie date. Read along and be educated.


•  Do not be late. Companion models are punctual. You would not want your date to wait for you. Arrive 10 minutes early that your scheduled meet up.


•  It is appropriate to greet your model date with a hug. A brief kiss will also do.


•  If you plan to cuddle later, do not buy too much popcorn which will just end up stuck to your teeth.


•  Respect your date by avoiding making and receiving text messages while the movie is ongoing.


•  If you intend to start physical contact, initiate by holding her hands. But be sure that your hand is not sweaty, or else, it’s a turn off. Make sure that your hand is warm, as the theatre is usually cold. When doing so, observe if she is comfortable or not. If she is, putting an arm around her may also be a good move.


•  While you may expect it, it is not good to fondle and make out inside the theatre. Remember, there are other people who might be distracted by this. Reserve this act for later.


•  After the movie, talk about it with your companion model, and ask her if she enjoyed it. Over dinner, you can discuss the things you want to do next, especially if you hired her for the entire night.


•  After everything, be sure to thank her.

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How to Treat an Escort Model Right

by on Feb.18, 2013, under General News

Escort models, despite their seemingly feisty job, are human beings too. They are women. They get hurt, they experience troubles, and they get sad, mad, and even happy, especially if they are treated well. These girls definitely deserve respect from their clients.


The problem is, many men do not know how to treat these ladies well. They think that they are being paid for their services, and therefore do not deserve any measure of human feelings. This is a wrong connotation. Read along for some information on how to treat an escort model with respect.


  • Thing of escort models as human beings whom you want to cultivate friendship with. The way you show courtesy and respect to your friends is also the same with escort models.


  • It is rude to jump into any sexual activity right after you meet. It is also unprofessional. Take the time to get to know each other a bit. Women, in general, want to engage in a conversation. Ask about her. If she asks you some questions, be honest, but do not give too much unnecessary information.  In this way, she will trust you more and will not hesitate to provide you the service you want to experience.


  • It won’t hurt you if you show a hint of being a gentleman. Your good behaviour will amaze her, and will only enhance your reputation among escort models, especially if you usually book with an escort agency.


  • After her services, make sure to thank her. Sincere appreciation can also be shown by giving her some gifts, or perhaps an extra tip. Be light hearted throughout the night, do not be harsh, and be friendly. Assure her that nothing bad will happen to her in your hands.  Though this is not mandatory, but it can help set the mood better.
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Fine Dining Etiquettes

by on Feb.14, 2013, under General News

Our society presents different kinds of dining styles. Many people enjoy the carefree type, buffet style, where you are free to choose what to eat, how much to eat, while not thinking of specific manners and etiquettes to be observed.

The case is different, though, when engaging in Fine Dining. There are rules that need to be observed. Therefore, before going out for an exciting date with your companion model, consider some tips on how to act well when eating out – fine dining style.

  • In a Fine Dining setting, there are forks on the left side, and spoons and knives on the right side of the plate. The secret is to work starting from the outside in. This means that the farthest cutlery is used for the first course.
  • There are two shapes of soup spoons available in the table. One is shaped as a round bowl, while the other is egg shaped. When eating your soup, do not lift the bowl. Using your spoon, from the centre of the bowl, push the spoon away from you to the farthest edge. Drink the soup from the edge of the spoon, not putting the whole spoon to your mouth.
  • Table napkins are only used for dabbing your mouth, not wiping it. Never tuck your napkin to your dress.
  • If your partner or somebody else offers a toast to you, do not stand up. Remain seated and do not raise a glass to yourself. There is no need to touch glasses with others, raising the glass to their direction is enough. What is important is eye contact.

There are a lot of things that you have to consider while dining out. The above mentioned things are just some of them, but generally the most important ones. When you are dating a companion model, it is expected that she is used to this kind of setting. Therefore, if you are ultimately unsure of what to do, inform Elite London Escorts model, so that she can lead you the way. She can serve as your host, and you can just follow what she does. But do it discreetly, or else you will look funny.

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Etiquettes in Travelling Internationally with an Escort Model

by on Feb.13, 2013, under General News

Escorting Models can also be hired to accompany you during business trips or perhaps for a vacation in a location outside the country. Well, since you are accompanied by someone, there are some tips and guidelines on what to do and how to act when travelling international.

As a traveller, you would not to be embarrassed in a foreign country, much more in front of your model companion. Read along for some etiquette when engaging in an international travel.

  • Upon arrival, discreetly observe how people act. Most likely you have done a lot of travelling before, so this is something not new to you. It may also amaze your companion if you know at least the basic greetings like ‘Hello’ and ‘Thank You’ of the country you are visiting.
  • Consider your fashion. It may be winter in your country, but sunny in the country you will be visiting. Make sure that your garments befit you in terms of comfort. Also, keep in mind the fashion culture of the country you will go to. Your type of dress may appear rude and offensive in other places.
  • Food is something which also needs to be considered. If you visit countries wherein the food does not pass the standards of your palate, bringing some instant food may work for you. But then again, you are having a vacation. It’s high time for you to try something new.

When you are hiring the services of London Escort during an out of the country trip, also take the time to consider what she wants.  Take her to places which can interest her. Treat her kindly. Remember, you are the only person she knows during the travel. You’re the only one she trusts. Make sure she is safe in your hands, as she is your responsibility.

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Dos and Don’ts when Watching a Play with an Escort Model

by on Feb.12, 2013, under General News

If you are the type of person who likes to watch plays and musicals, spending the night watching one with busty london escorts 24/7 model of your choice may be a good idea for a date. For one, escort models may enjoy the experience. These girls, especially those who work under an escort agency, are educated enough to enjoy these kinds of dates. You may even discuss the play with her for an intelligent conversation.

However, there are things that you have to consider when watching plays, especially when you’re with a companion model. There are Dos and Don’ts when it comes to this type of dating.


  • Do not send or receive text messages during the show. Better yet, turn your cellphone off completely. Remember, the lights in a theatre is darkened, the light from your phone screen can cause a distraction.
  • Do not eat during the show. Even if you and your companion model haven’t eaten your dinner yet, it is not a good excuse for munching something throughout the show.
  • Do not show your overreactions. If you are disappointed at how the story goes, do not show your annoying hisses, snarls, and shouts. Remember, hold your reactions for later, after the end of the show, outside the theatre.


  • Unwrap candies, or cough drops before the show. If you need to eat candies during the show, make sure to unwrap them before the show starts. The crinking sound may just disturb others.
  • Come Clean. Of course, you are expected to do so if you are meeting a companion model for a date. But also, theatre plays are formal events. Dress your part.
  • Respect other people around you. Make sure that you don’t lean to your neighbors’ seat, or perhaps use their leg room. They also pay to watch and enjoy the show, so do not be a cause of irritation.
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Secrets in Making Girls Jealous

by on Feb.11, 2013, under General News

Sometimes you feel the need to spice up your life. This may involve adding some perks to your romantic life with your girlfriend. They say that petty fights can be fun, and when resolved, it can even strengthen your love with each other. One crazy idea in causing a petty fight is to make your girl jealous.

However, this is something which needs particular caution. It may be done for fun and to get your girl’s attention, but you always need to have a back-up plan in case your girl takes it seriously. Again, this idea is optional; you may want to consider the advantages and disadvantages before trying it out.

  • Try talking to other girls while she is looking. Of course, do this respectfully. You may want to request the services of a trusted escorting agency to provide you a girl whom you can spend the fun time with. It is also better to explain the situation to the girl; so that you can get the best acting performance she can offer.
  • When talking with the London escort model, laugh a lot. Make it appear that you are having a good time with the other girl. You can do so by playfully putting your arm around her shoulders, or perhaps giving her a tight hug. This is a simple flirting technique that would drive your girl crazy.
  • Don’t look at her. Act as if you forgot that she is there in the first place. If you end up taking a glance on her, she will immediately realize that you are just trying to make her jealous. Girls are experts on that. Make her believe that you are not interested in her at that moment.

When it comes to the part when you finally had to divulge your secret, assure your girl that you just did it for fun. You may even gamely introduce her to the escort model that helped you throughout the performance. This can also be a good idea when you are planning to propose your girl on that night.

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Moving On With A Companion Model- How To Start Dating Again?

by on Feb.10, 2013, under General News

Breaking up may be considered as one of the hardest experiences one has to experience in his lifetime. Some are also faced with the problem on how to start all over again without resentment. Thinking on whether it is already the right time to start again may sometimes be confusing, especially if you still regret breaking up with your previous partner.

One way to move on is to start dating temporarily, and then, eventually see how it works. London escort models are good companions for dating. With them, you feel comfortable, light, and free. You can also talk to them for advice on dating. Or, in special cases, you may eventually start dating a companion model.

Take it Slow

You cannot control your emotions especially if it dictates you that trusting and opening up again to a new person is impossible and difficult. Give yourself space and time. Collect yourself up, then slowly open up to ideas of meeting new girls. You don’t need to date right away romantically. Cultivate friendships and enjoy companionship of others.

Let Go of the Past

You cannot just live a life full of regrets or anger. Leave the past behind. After all, you don’t have the option to rewind, but to move forward. This may not be a thing you can do in a blink of an eye, but at least put forth some effort. Meet new friends. London escort models are great people to be with. Enjoy their services for companionship.

Be Open and Have Fun

Go public by meeting new faces, make new friends and do more worthwhile things. Doing this does not show that you are escaping the past, but only an assurance to yourself that you are finally embracing the future with high hopes. Think of the things you want to do. Focus on them; later on, you will realize that it is more productive than searching, and be hurt by love.

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How to prepare for an escort model wedding proposal?

by on Feb.09, 2013, under General News

You may have already thought of it seriously. Popping the question is not really just the type which can be done outrageously. It needs meditation and a huge amount of confidence, especially if you are planning to offer a marriage proposal to an escort model.

Yes, deciding to marry London escort model is a serious matter. After all, there are advantages as much as there are disadvantages. You also have to consider how other people will react to it, yet not really letting their opinions affect your decision.

Here are some of the things you need to do to prepare for this special event:

  • Be a gentleman. Since you have already reached this point, it means that, at least, you know something about her family already. Make sure to ask for blessing from her family, most especially her father.
  • Women in general, regardless of their experience, love romantic displays. Make sure to have an idea of what she is interested in. Develop a concept out of that idea.
  • Prepare the place. Yet, before doing so, identify if your girl is the private type or one who likes attention. You may propose to her in a restaurant with many people and she doesn’t mind, or she will be happier if you propose to her in a secret, hidden place, where only the two of you are there. Make sure she is comfortable.
  • If you have the means for it, why not bring her to an out of the town trip, or perhaps in a romantic city outside the country, and there pop your question. Nothing would be more romantic to a girl than seeing the effort of her man.
  • Make sure that the ring is carefully chosen; it does not have to expensive, but at least it should be elegant enough and presentable to the eyes of your loved one. Girls love diamonds, but if there is no means for it, simpler jewellery is enough. The most important thing is the thought that comes with it.

A proposal is just a symbolic way of showing your love. What is most important is the life you will have after that. Thus, make sure that you and your escort model wife-to-be will share a blissful life together, free from any insecurities and regrets; a life full of love and hope.

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How to pick up a girl at a traffic stoplight

by on Feb.08, 2013, under General News

Have you ever tried driving one tiring day, exhausted and complete with the desire to drive home and just lie down in bed without saying anything? Then suddenly, out of nowhere, you see an attractive escort girl standing at the traffic stoplight. You have the urge to talk to her, but your body is fighting, and the traffic stoplight is urging you to move.

That Escort London model must be really stunning to catch your attention even for just a few seconds. But now, you are left with only one option: to talk to her and try to pick her up. Here are some pointers to consider before doing so.

  • Take confidence in your car. These models do not hesitate to talk to a man who drives a nice car. Your car may even give you an opportunity to start a little talk with her.
  • If the escort girl is by herself, which most likely is the case, then it would be easier for you to offer her a ride. When she agrees, you can begin the negotiation on what you want to do for the night.
  • When you see an attractive escort model, roll your window down, and wave to get her attention. If she waves back, then you’re good to go. If she doesn’t try a different technique. Your goal is to pick her up that night, you should succeed.
  • Smiling is still the best weapon any man can use towards a girl. Smiling at a girl makes her feel attractive enough. If she is interested, she will also smile back, and you can begin using your charms on her.
  • If you can’t think of anything else to do, try to ask for directions. It would appear that you are innocent, and not desperate enough. Then, when you have the opportunity, ask her out right away. Many girls appreciate men who are creative in their approach.
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