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Finding Rebound Relationships in Escort Models

by on Mar.30, 2013, under General News

Moving on from a bad relationship may be a hard trek to take. After all, it’s not easy especially if you have really developed a close relationship with your previous partner. One way to let go of that sad experience is to divert your attention to somebody else, not necessarily falling in love right away. It’s just to lighten the mood, and meet new people.


However, a rebound relationship with an escort model may offer some advantages and disadvantages. Here are some facts regarding dating an escort model as a rebound.


•  A rebound relationship happens after a long term relationship has ended. Usually it only last in a short duration. Its purpose is to help in mending a broken heart.  For this, an escort model is a good option for having a temporary, rebound relationship.


•  It is a kind of relationship wherein a person is involved with a new, different partner in order to prove to others that they are still capable of being loved.


•  It is also one wherein a person shows to an ex that he has moved on. For this, escort models are worth the attention of any man. Any girl seeing her ex strolling around with a gorgeous woman is a good path for ‘revenge’.


•  Rebound relationships are referred to as a band aid which offers a temporary relief to a certain pain.


•  A rebound relationship can sometimes turn into a real relationship depending on the level of trust given by the new partner. In the case of dating an escort service model, this may be challenging, seeing the nature of relationship which exists as a customer-model one.


•  Not every hurting relationship ‘needs’ a rebound one. Therefore, dating an escort service model may not just serve the purpose of rebound, but forming a new friendship.


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Behaviours to Avoid When Dating an Escort Model

by on Mar.28, 2013, under General News

Dating an Escort model is undoubtedly a fun and exciting experience. If you need to spend some time with somebody, especially if you don’t have family or perhaps a girl waiting for you at home, dating an escort service model is a good option. This option is good for professional and busy men, who need companionship as well as other entertaining services.


No matter how exciting this experience may prove to be, there are still some things that you need to watch out and avoid when dating an escort mode. Here are some of them:


  • Escort models have personal lives. Do not delve into that by asking too much personal questions. These models meet you to work; you don’t need to be over investigative without their permission.


  • After the service, do not bargain or negotiate with the escort model. It is very disrespectful. Prove true to the word you have already agreed upon during your initial meet up. Bargaining can sometimes make models feel that you are not satisfied with their services, which is why you attempt to negotiate.


  • Do not ask for a change. For example, you have agreed on a certain amount, and the only bill you have is one which is bigger than the agreed amount, asking her to give you change is a rude action. If you do not intend to give more, come to the place prepared with the correct amount.


  • Never ever ask an escort model of her ‘cleanliness’. Asking if she has STD, or free of it, is an extremely taboo topic. Respect her by enjoying the night with her; playing safe and ending it satisfied.


  • Do not ask your date the number of clients she had before you. It is a very big turn off question. Instead, ask questions which may serve as a common ground between the two of you.


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The legality of London Escorts Services

by on Mar.25, 2013, under General News

London Escorts

Before availing of the services a lovely escort model can offer, surely you would want to check the legality of the services offered. In other countries, like in the USA, escort service is highly controlled. In London, a different set of legality exist.


The basis


Though escort service is of a higher level, it still follows the principle of prostitution, that is, an exchange participation of sexual activities for goods or money. This has always been legal in London. It is generally acceptable to charge for sexual experience with a client.


However, it should not be confused that some activities involved in escort services are indeed illegal. The good news is, escort service is becoming a booming industry in UK. Thus, there have been changes and updates in the legal situation regarding issues revolving escort service. For sure, further developments will follow.


A booming industry


Since EU expanded in May of 2004, the London escort service market has really boomed ever since. There has been a huge influx of gorgeous women who are entering UK to work as escort service models. It has proven to be advantageous to customers who are from London, and also for London visitors who are also excited to see what the city can offer.


An escort model can be an independent model, or one who works for an escort agency. Girls who work under an escort agency are technically ‘safer’, since the escort agency caters well to their needs, including a yearly medical examination to assure that they are clean. Independent models, on the other hand, are usually cheaper than those who work in an agency, because there is no need to pay for a middleman. However, there are also some risks involved in getting an independent model. Thus, before you avail of the services of an escort model, weigh your options. In London, it is legal, but legality doesn’t protect you from any consequence if you make a wrong decision when dealing with escort services.

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Make Your Companion Model Attracted to you

by on Mar.22, 2013, under General News

A night spent with a companion model may be one of those nights wherein you do not expect much talk. After all, who wants to waste time with a lovely and alluring escort model? However, you will really lose nothing if you attempt to make the night special for both of you. Perhaps, you can even challenge yourself by making your companion model get attracted to you. Here are some tips on how to do just so.


  • Women like guys who can stare them in the eye. The effect is more appreciated if the guy can keep the look of interest in his eyes. This can be done when talking with an escort model. The way you handle your eye contact can create some stirring emotions on the model’s part.


  • An escort model will beam from head to toe if you appear in front of her smelling good. But this is quite challenging. The cologne you choose should be likeable. Thus, when purchasing one, make sure to tag along a lady friend with you. Do not overdo with your cologne, applying a little dab of it will work the secret.


  • Charm your partner with your amazing personality. Well, this does not mean that you have to pretend what you are really not. Just be yourself. An escort model, or any woman, in this case, easily falls for a guy who has a good sense of humour. If the model laughs along with you, and you can sense that her laugh is genuine, then you are in the right track.


  • Sometimes, being aggressive works wonders. This attitude attracts escort models, who dig for macho men. Again, there is no need to overdo this. Being aggressive may mean knowing what’s right from wrong, and standing firm for what you believe is right.



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How to Increase Your Appeal when Dating Escort Models

by on Mar.20, 2013, under General News

Escort models may not be that hard to please when it comes to hiring them. As long as you pay, they are OK with it. However, the case may be different when you are the type of person who wants to exhibit appeal. There are different ways on how to increase your appeal when it comes to dating escort models.


  • Groom yourself well. Most women find men who take care of their appearance attractive. Before setting out on a date with an escort model, why not visit your trusted hairstylist and don yourself with the latest look.


  • Never underestimate hygiene. When dating escort models, you need to be fresh. Yes, this is basic, but a person who does not smell good is not appealing, at all. To maintain your hygiene, purchase products which can specifically work wonders on your body.


  • Dress your part. A man who knows how to dress well is amazingly appealing. Of course, you don’t want to appear in front of your escort companion dressed up in business attire if you are going on a simple date. But if you handle yourself well with whatever you are wearing, that’s an extra point for you. Pay particular attention to your shoes. Most models can tell the personality of their client by looking at his shoes.


  • Be a gentleman. An escort model does not expect that, so if you show her some proper manners, she will be delighted. Old fashioned courtesy still work wonders.


  • Be confident in speaking up. Handling a conversation well is one thing that attracts women to men. Make your escort companion comfortable with you. Be discreet not to sound so arrogant, or else that will be minus points for you.


  • At the end of the date, do not forget to say thank you. Even though you are paying for her services, a simple thank you can show your sincere appreciation for her services.
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How to Avoid Getting Caught Having a Date with an Escort Model

by on Mar.18, 2013, under General News

Men who have commitments, or perhaps responsibilities as husbands hate the idea of being caught having a good time with an escort model. Yet, it does not mean that they are not entitled to have fun. Wives, especially, have this special innate detection capability to tell whether their husbands are playing with fire. The information below highlights information on how wives are able to tell that their husbands are cheating.


  • A wife can tell if her husband has an extramarital affair with an escort model if he begins coming home late, or perhaps going out late at night to run some suspicious errands.


  • After arriving home, the husband goes straight to the shower. Or if not, the husband has already taken a shower from another place.


  • The desire to meet up with an escort model usually starts with viewing pornography. If a husband makes it a habit to let his wife catch him watching pornography, most likely, the next thing the wife catches the husband doing is having an affair with an escort model.


  • A husband can be suspicious if he is starting to neglect his husbandly responsibilities to his wife. This is a significant indication that the husband has been feeding his desire somewhere else, in the bosom of a different woman.


  • The husband begins to hide his cell phone. It may be because he does not want to show his conversations with an escort model, or perhaps he wants to hide any pictures taken with him and another woman, particularly an escort model. Many men want to keep memoirs, and certainly they don’t want their wives to see them.


This article is not suggesting that you eventually cheat on your partners. But if you want to have fun, do it discreetly. After all, escort models are entertainers, not home wreckers.

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Dating an Escort Model without Getting Emotionally Involved

by on Mar.16, 2013, under General News

The last thing a client wants to experience is getting emotionally involved with an escort service model he has hired to accompany him throughout the night.  It may be a challenging thing to do, since an escort model is usually lovable, and not to mention ultra gorgeous. Yes, it may be challenging, however there are ways to pursue with dating without really getting involved romantically.


  • Do not ask any personal question to the escort model you have hired. If you tend to know her background, your emotions may go to her, and you will start thinking about the probability of being romantically involved with her.


  • Make the date strictly professional, more of like a business date. After all, it is really a business date, no more, no less. You can enjoy each other’s company, but keep it to that level. This does not mean though that you have to treat the other person rudely. Treat an escort model with respect. Show her the same level of politeness you would usually show your friends.


  • Do not let her number or picture overstay in your phone. The tendency of you contacting her again directly may increase if you always see something which reminds you of her.


  • Make it clear to her from the start that you don’t want to get involved with her romantically. Most escort models appreciate this honesty. Telling her so would only pre-empt the girl of the things she can, and cannot do. She can set a borderline of what things she can show you.


Dating without getting emotionally involved can generally protect you from the risk associated with this type of relationship. However, if you think that emotions are just too strong, then why not take the risk of following your heart. But before doing so, make sure that you are ready. Getting romantically involved with an escort model is a challenging thing to do.

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What Makes a Good Escort Service Client?

by on Mar.14, 2013, under General News

Escort models are also human beings, and they appreciate it when clients treat them well. This is true for girls who work as an independent model, as well as for those who works under an escort agency.  Being a good client will make your time spent together a worth remembering one.


There are a lot of things to consider if you want to become a good escort service client. Here are some tips:


•       A good client recognizes that an escort model is an individual. A good escort service client is a man who knows that even though he is paying for a companion, the model deserves respect as a human being. Men should not only see companion models as a commodity, or perhaps a paid service which can just be ignored, or not treated well.


•      A good client pays correctly, based on what is agreed upon. Many escorts ask for upfront payment. Good clients understand this rule, and respect the way she handles her business. If payment is paid at the end, there should be no fuss in handling the amount. No further negotiations.


•      A good client is clean. True, most clients meet up with escort models at the end of a very long day. They may come from their offices, or even from a trip. Being busy is not a reason for being unclean. Most meet up locations have shower facilities that the client can use. It is one way to show being polite as a client.


•      A good client understands the boundaries and limitations set by the escort model. Some escort models have preferences, and they do not go all the way. This fact should be understood by any client. Bribing will not work in this regard, especially if the model is a professional one.


•      A good client respects the time of an escort model. This means that the client arrives at the meeting place on time, and does not waste a model’s time by rescheduling and cancellations of appointments. A good client also does not ask for an unpaid extension, since the model may still have further appointments.

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Tips on How to Become an Escort Model

by on Mar.11, 2013, under General News

Nowadays, there are many types of job opportunities available. You can choose from various fields and interests. Some women are interested in entering the field of providing service and entertainment. One particular job is that of being an escort service model.


Yes, there are women who want to be in this type of business. After all, this is an elegant job, which opens opportunities for meeting many people, and it can be a good stepping stone to achieving your goals, perhaps of studying further. However, it is not easy to land a job in this business. If you are interested in becoming an escort model, read along for some tips.


  • Advertise yourself well. Take pictures of yourself in different poses. Showcase your best assets, edit when needed. Then, set up an online account with an elite upscale site. Be playful. Provide information, but do not divulge everything. When clients are intrigued, they will go to your page. Make sure to leave contact information.


  • If you are planning to work as an independent model, invest in creating a website. You may need to hire a web developer if you want to create a good site. However, there are also free web domains available, which particularly cater to escort servicing. You can also decide whether working under an escort agency would be better for you. If so, contact a reliable escort agency and ask for requirements.


  • Set up a good in call location. Clients will definitely appreciate it if you can provide a location which is private because they don’t want to worry about being caught. This is helpful if you are working as an independent escort model. The case may be different if you are working with an agency.


Yes, there are risks of becoming an escort model. But think about what it can bring you. If you intend to work while studying, do not look down on yourself. Analyze the risks and the benefits, and decide on what you think is best.

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