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Tips to a Happy Relationship with your Companion Model

by on Apr.20, 2013, under General News

Enjoying a one-time date with a companion model may prove to be among those exciting days of your life. And sometimes you feel the need to meet the same companion model again since you enjoy your time with her. Here are some tips on how to have a happy relationship with a companion model, without necessarily getting emotionally involved with each other.


  • First, you need to understand that there is no perfect relationship, but there can be a happy one. Spending time with an escort model means more than just cuddling with each other. You can also find other activities that you can enjoy doing together.


  • Establish Trust. This may be challenging for both of you, who started with a business relationship. Be open and discreetly frank with each other. But of course, make sure to treat each other with respect. Trust is earned, as they say, therefore work hard to earn it, and don’t hesitate to give it.


  • Make sure to be there for your companion model whenever she needs you, and this may go beyond your relationship as customer-model. After all, there are no rules which say that a friendship can be developed between two strangers which started in a different level of relationship.


  • Show Respect and Care. Escort models are also human beings who deserve to be cared for and respected. Do not make them feel that they are looked upon lowly. Be proud when you are together with her. Some escort models have turned themselves into feisty women, defensive and strong, yet deep inside they need protection.


  • If you decide to raise your relationship a level up, make sure to discuss everything with her. Agree on things which may end your business relationship, and create a new one, with a more intense level of passion for each other.
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Things not to tell an escort model during a fight

by on Apr.18, 2013, under General News

Yes, petty fights can sometimes be expected during your date with a companion model. This fight may turn your night sour, and may even annoy you to the point that you want to divulge some things out of your emotion. However, as with any other type of relationship, control is vital.


There are things better left unsaid. There are things that you should not tell an escort model during your fight. Read along for some information on those things.


  • Do not tell an escort model that she does not deserve respect because of her job. There are reasons why these girls ended up with the job that they have, and it is none of your business. Even at the height of anger, be watchful of your words.


  • Never compare an escort model with one you also had before. Comparing services and even physical attributes is simply a rude thing to do. Even if you are fighting, remember that escort models are also human beings, with the capability of being hurt.


  • Do not tell your companion model that she reminds you of your mom. First of all, she does not know your mom, and she does not deserve do not be compared with anybody.


  • And most of all, she does not deserve abusive words. You may sometimes think of an escort model as a lowly individual because of the type of job that she has, but she certainly does not deserve to hear abusive, and dirty words from you. Yes, she may be capable of firing back the same kinds of words, but you should know better.


Yes, dealing with an escort model is a special type of relationship. You may start the night well, and suddenly the night can turn sour. Don’t forget that both of you are human beings, both are expected to give and receive respect.

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Rediscovering Yourself With The Help Of An Escort Model

by on Apr.17, 2013, under General News

Breaking up may leave a negative impact on your entire being. Moving on may seem as a very hard thing to do. Rediscovering yourself may appear impossible. However, the key to this situation is diversion. Your attention should begin focusing on other things, or other people.  Escort models can prove to be a good help if you want to rediscover yourself. Here are some things to consider when doing that.


The sad fact


When you are set to rediscovering yourself, it means that you have lost it. There may be times when feelings of inadequacy creep in, choking every part of you. This fact you have to accept. Acceptance and realization should be the first thing to do if you want to start with the process of rediscovering yourself. After all, moving to the next phase is impossible if you missed the first part.


Know yourself again


This might mean that you need to sit down and research on the things related to you, your dreams, your likes, favourites and other things. A bad break up may cause you to lose self confidence. Entering a new relationship may only cause further troubles, as your heart may not have fully healed yet. But embracing new things, and meeting new people, like lovely escort models may open your heart and mind to new possibilities.




You can’t simply move on if you hesitate to acknowledge the fact that you need help. Sometimes you think you can fool yourself into thinking that you are OK even when you are really not. Take baby steps back to rediscovering yourself. Enjoy friendships with other people. Treat your escort model well. She might be just the solution to your needs of widening out.

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Questions to Ask on Your First Date with an Escort Model

by on Apr.14, 2013, under General News

Escort models are fun to be with, and with the right level of treatment, you can expect your escort model date’s cooperation when it comes to making a conversation fun and thrilling. Escort models are intelligent beings, all you have to do is to ask the right questions. Doing so can get their attention, and it also allows you to get to know them better as real people.


Here are some tips of wholesome questions that you can ask an escort model during your first date:


  • What are some of the things that really make you laugh? Then, when she gives you the answer, if possible do it. Make her laugh. This can make the rest of your night a bit lighter.


  • What is your favourite movie? At first, you may find asking this question as silly. But, her answer will tell you so much about her. If you decide to date her again, then you can probably have a movie date with her, now that you already know the type of movies that she likes.


  • What thing do you like to do just for fun? No, this is not a privacy invading question. In fact, it will just open up the possibility of you knowing her well, and understanding her position in life. If you have the time for it, do that thing that she likes to do for fun together. It will certainly make your date memorable, not just for you, but for her.


  • Given the chance, where would you like to go? Most escort models are idealistic, if not ambitious. They believe that wishing and dreaming is free so they’ll go along with it. When they tell you the place where they want to go, it will tell so much about her desires in life, and what she eventually wants to achieve as an individual.


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No-No Questions During a Date With an Escort Model

by on Apr.12, 2013, under General News

No-No Questions During a Date With an Escort Model

Enjoying a conversation with an escort model can prove to be relaxing. After all, this might even be one of the reasons why you decided to hire the services of a lovely companion model. However, if you are not careful, asking too much unnecessary questions may end up with your date being irritated and annoyed.

Yes, there are many questions out there which should not be brought up during a conversation with an escort model. If you don’t want to appear foolishly inquisitive, read along for the questions that you have to avoid the next time you have a date with an escort model.


  • Do NOT ask an escort model for a proof of her cleanliness. If you have hired the services of a model through an escort agency, you are assured that they have their annual physical examination as a requirement. When dating with an independent model, this question is just too rude!


  • Do NOT ask an escort model to give you give you her personal details. Many of these escort ladies choose to work under a different name, as they also have private lives to protect. Forcing them to divulge such information would make you appear suspicious. Escort ladies don’t like that.


  • Do NOT ask her information about her previous clients. If you are simply having fun and wanting to know how you fare compared to her previous clients, never consider asking your date regarding her previous customers. They also have to protect the confidentiality of those individuals as much as they are willing to do so for you if certain individuals ask something about you.


  • Do NOT ask her what her real job is, aside from being an escort model. Most of these ladies consider escort service as a career. Asking so will make you appear clueless of the lives of escort models.
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Moving In Together with an Escort Model

by on Apr.05, 2013, under General News

So, you have met this escort model several times, and you want to take the next level up. Marriage is not in your list, but you definitely want to spend more time with her. Then, you think of moving in together. But the problem is, the feeling of hesitation surfaces, because perhaps this is your first time to do so. Here is some information about moving in together.


  • If you decide to move in together, you need to establish ground rules. This includes the fact that you have to carefully point out what you want your escort partner to do with her job as a model. Both of you should agree on this very crucial part of your relationship. If this is not agreed on, the rest will just be useless.


  • Decide on how you want your home to be decorated. Yes, it may seem like a childish game, but you need your love nest to be a place where comfort meets passion. Decorating your house together will also increase the bond between the two of you.


  • Doing the house work should be well agreed upon too. It may not be expected that your model partner will do all the chores. She may not like that. In fact, she has given up so much for you, and asking her for more may tire her out.


  • Discuss your finances. If your escort model partner decides to quit her job, you, as the head, should carefully consider if you can support for the both of you, or if she needs to find another job. Finances are one of the things which cause problems between couples. Early on, this should be planned well.


  • There is no question that you are into each other. But find time to spend with yourself, or your friends. There is no need to be together all the time, as it may just bore your life out.



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The Truth About Captain69 and their lies about PalaceVIP

by on Apr.04, 2013, under General News

One day in 2011 we had an argument with the captain69 wanker over email. He wanted to control palacevip by telling us we had to stop leaving girls photos on the website when they owed us money. And he proceeded to discuss the law and threaten us that we were breaking the law. What an idiot he is.. he doesnt have a clue with who he is dealing with and less still about commercial law in the uk.

We refused of course as its inappropriate for this wanker to tell us what to do when girls dont honour their debts to us.

Further to this he threatened us. And of course in this modern world we dont give in to threats. That behaviour is for the dark ages and eastern european mafia types.

As we are a modern agency with western values we have to stand up for the rights and freedoms of people and the rule of law.

We have a guarantee about the girls and the photos: Its the girl in the photos or its free! We were the first agency in london to offer a photo guarantee. We are clearly on the side of right and justice.

Captain69 has lost significant credibility from their behaviour, our photo guarantee is the proof. They should apologise for their threats and caveman behaviours and join the modern world.

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Ice Breakers During A Date With an Escort Companion

by on Apr.03, 2013, under General News

Sometimes dates can be very awkward, especially if you really do not know the personality of the person you are dating with. This can be true when dealing with companion models. It may sometimes be challenging to engage in a conversation with a person you have not seen before, or spent the time with.


But, thanks to ice breakers, you can enjoy a conversation with an escort model. Here are some ideas of ice breakers you can use during those moments when silence seems to creep in.


  • You can say, ‘you look nice’ honestly. This can prove to be awkward for people who regularly meet each other, as the honesty part becomes automated. But, during the first date, saying this praise to someone you meet the first time will only make your companion model feel confident.


  • Asking about a girl’s favourite music may also work its magic. After all, music can simply connect people in ways unimaginable. Asking about her favourite may also let her think that you are, at least, interested with what she is interested in, not just to have an intimate relations with her.


  • Aside from asking questions, you can also present facts about yourself. However, make sure not to be overly patriotic of yourself. Avoid me-ism, as it will only create further awkwardness to the situation.


Make sure to find a common ground on your first date. If you notice something that you like, and she also likes, broaden your discussion on that topic. Ask for her opinions, state yours humbly, and work on creating your night a very memorable one. The key to having a good conversation is by listening well. If your companion model is suggesting something, listen to her, as she is really seasoned in this field.


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Flirting with an Escort Model

by on Apr.01, 2013, under General News

Escort models are girls who are used to the flirting process. Therefore, all your styles may be well recognized by them. However, there are still subtle ways to grab an escort model’s attention. Here are some of the fun ideas on how to flirt with an escort model.


  • Use the power of your eyes. True, you have already paid for the services of an escort model for the entire night, but it is still fun to add some twists and excitement to your evening. During dinner, flirt with her using your eyes. The eyes can tell so much about the things you want and desire to do.


  • Smile Sexily. There is no other better way to show your flirtation strategy than to smile sexily. While escort models may detect this right away, your unique smile should capture her attention.


  • Talk Sexy. Do not be too pornographic in providing details, of course, but you can ask about what turns her on, or what she likes to do, how she likes to be treated, and such. All other activities are reserved for later that night.


  • Take charge of the flirting process. Never let your date lead the way. As the man, impress your girl by preparing some topics for conversation. Of course, these topics should be well prepared in advance. This is a subtle way of flirting because the way you handle yourself confidently unknowingly attracts a girl to you.


  • Flirting is not just talking about yourself. Listen well, if the girl notices that you can handle a conversation well, she would likely open up to you more than you can imagine.


  • When flirting, make sure that she understands that you really mean it. Yes, the services may have been paid, but your actions should all be true and free from pretentions.
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