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4 Main Costs of Operating a Business!

Hi there? Are you planning to start an elite London escort service. But do not know the kind of costs you are likely to incur? Do not worry as this article was written just for you. As an elite escort, how you decide to operate will significantly affect your profits. It is for this reason you should understand the biggest cost drivers for your business.

Before we proceed, keep in mind that as a London escort, you should ensure you have a daily minimum budget. This way, you will know what you need to do to reduce costs.

Expected Expenses

1. Website Cost

It would be impractical for elite escorts to believe that they can operate without the use of a website. This industry is highly competitive and traditional marketing strategies will not work. To set up an elite website, you will require development costs of at least 3000 pounds for a basic website. You can also use an e-commerce website builder such as Wix, whose prices start at 10 pounds a month.

To remain competitive, you might be required to buy at least three domains to prevent your competition from buying them. For example, you can buy, and Keep in mind each domain is around 12 pounds.

2. Photography

As you join the trade, you will come to realise that most of your money might be spent trying to attract high-end escort clients. One way to do this is by posting high quality pictures on social media platforms such as Instagram. Elite London escort professional photographers will charge a minimum of 1000 pounds for a collection of photos.

You can decide to lower this amount by doing the photography yourself. This will be good in the long term, but you will still have to invest in it. For example, a professional home photo will require you to have a sturdy tripod and a good lighting system. On average, this will cost you 50 pounds on Amazon. Escorts usually take the cheap option. The elite london escorts go for elite photos. And they therefore attract elite clients.

3. Lingerie

To compete with other elite escort girls, you will find yourself buying different types of lingerie for different occasions. You will buy one for oversea tours while others for local tours. Whatever the case, elite lingerie is expensive no matter where you decide to shop. On average, expect to spend around 40 – 500 pounds on quality lingerie.

4. Incall and Outcall services

You might decide to offer incall services instead of outcall services or both. Whatever the case, they will eat up on your London escorts income. For example, an incall service might force you to rent out a house. This means that every month, you will pay rent to the landlord and this may result in property taxes at the end of the year.

Similarly, if you prefer outcall services, you might end up spending a lot more on travel expenses. This is especially so if your clients are located in different parts of the city. Most call girls charge these costs to their clients, but this strategy makes them expensive.

In conclusion, to increase your escort income, you must first understand your costs and how to reduce those costs without lowering the quality of your services.