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5 Signs You are In a Financially Abusive Relationship

We have talked about emotional abuse and intellectual abuse, but we are yet to talk about financial abuse in a relationship. So why is this an important topic? Because 90% of all domestic violence case among London escorts is as a result of money. Money makes the world go round, breaks relationships and builds relationships.

According to Ryma Field, a media personality, financial abuse in a relationship is not easy to detect. In most cases, you will need at least six months to know if your partner is financially abusive. According to Mather, a marriage therapist, “Financially abusive partners start by slowly understanding your spending patterns and knowing how much you earn. They will claim that they require your ATM pin to keep track of your expense and that's when the abuse starts.”

A financially abusive relationship is where your partner controls your money and can spend it without consulting you. If this is the case, why is it that this is not a common problem? It is simple; most people do not want to go public about it.

5 Signs You are In a Financially Abusive Relationship

1. Your Spending is Under Scrutiny

As a famous London escort, why would your partner scrutinize your finances yet you earn your own money? If you think about it, if you make your own money, then it is only fair for you to spend it as you wish. If your partner is always on your neck about your finances, then you are in an abusive relationship.

2. Making you Beg For Money

If you find yourself in a position where you always have to beg to get money to buy basic needs such as groceries and food for the children, then you are in an abusive relationship. This is a tactic used by abusive partners to make escorts submit to their demands. In some cases, they just want to feel powerful and in control.

3. Your Partner Demands You Quit Your Job

The reason why your partner demands you quit your job is that he wants you to be entirely dependent on him. This way, he will have power over you. In some cases, the men feel threatened when the woman is also earning. If you do not quite, then he will try to sabotage your job so as to have you fired.

4. He wants the Loans, But You  Guarantee it

This is the most financially abusive partner. He will force you to take out a loan, but he will not guarantee it. This is because he knows the risks involved but will not want to carry it. In some cases, the partner might not even know that there is a loan under her name.

5. He is not Open About His Financial Situation

Though he has access to your bank account and mobile banking password, you do not know how much he earns. In addition, you do not even know where he works. According to Mary, a relationship expert, “Every partner should be involved when making financial decisions about the money. At the same time, each partner should be able to have some level of financial independence.”