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Various Ways Hot Models Can Prevent Pregnancy!

emergency pill for high class escorts

Hi there, high class London escorts! I hope you are excited about going out with your first client. We understand what this feeling is like, especially if you have to be in the cold for the last 30 days or more. Sometimes this does happen, and it is why elite escorts should be extra careful when a client gives you a call.

This is because you might forget to take high class precautions and 30 days later, you realise that you are pregnant. It's best to avoid the drama that comes with being pregnant, with somebody you don’t love, London escorts should take all the necessary precautions.

5 Ways Girls Prevent Pregnancy

 Wrapping it UP

There is a common misconception among elite London escorts that clients will pay more if they sleep with them without a condom. This is a fallacy and only risks the life of the girl in question. Also, the girl risks contracting STIs and other sexually transmitted diseases.  After all, it’s not like the client will have ready papers proving that he has been tested for HIV and other diseases.

Have a contraceptive implant

London Escorts can sometimes be swayed by the client to sleep with them without a condom for extra pay. This is a common scenario, and the best way to stay safe is to have a contraceptive implant. The escort friendly implant will be surgically implanted under your skin. Once inserted, it releases hormones that make it impossible for the body to produce eggs that are required for fertilisation. Also, the implant thickens your cervical mucus, which makes it almost impossible for the sperm to enter the womb.

One main advantage for London escorts of using this method to protect against unwanted pregnancy is that it does not interfere with an escorts sex and can last for up to three years. Also, it does not leave any surgical marks on your skin.

The Emergency Pill

An emergency 24/7 pill is a lifesaver. Most used outside of the London escort industry. This is especially so if you prefer to have sex using a condom only for it to break without you knowing. Jumping around will not protect you from getting pregnant.  The emergency pill is most effective if used within three days. The earlier escorts use it, the better as it is more effective.

It is important to note that the emergency pill does not protect against STIs.

The Contraceptive Ring

A non-escorts often use this method of the contraceptive ring is a flexible ring that is made from a plastic material. It is inserted in the Vagina and releases a small number of hormones into your body to prevent unwanted pregnancy. The ring is usually worn for seven days and then replaced with another London escort designed one. The good thing about this contraceptive ring Is that it can be worn and removed at home.

In addition, unlike other birth control methods, the ring makes it easy for escorts to control your periods. Also, your fertility levels quickly return.

A Diaphragm

For Elite London escorts, a diaphragm is a silicon material with a dome shape. It acts as a physical escort barrier that prevents sperms from entering your uterus. If busty escorts are using a diaphragm, make sure to remove it after sex but not more than 24 hours. In conclusion, there are may ways in which elite escorts models can ensure they do not get unwanted pregnancies. Just choose which works best for you.