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Accra is a city which is famous because of paragliding. With a nice view from the top, you can see many places in Accra, including the whole city, as well as its neighbouring mountains. Paragliding is just one of the many things you can do in Accra. With its heaven blessed natural beauty, you will never get bored in the city of Accra.

Another fun activity you can do is beach horse riding in Labadi. If you want to enjoy the equestrian feel while strolling along the white beach of Accra, this activity should not be gone in your list. There are also other beaches in Accra which will surely attract your attention. There is the Krokobite, which is found in the West of the city, Coco beach and the Nungua beach in the east. Because Accra is a city with seashore, you can expect to be able to do a lot of water activities in Accra.

If you want to feel how life in Accra is, try immersing yourself in the Downtown Accra. You can expect a street crowded with salesmen and vendors. It will be pretty tough, especially if you are not used to this kind of city life. However, it is a nice break from cities with tall buildings. In Accra, most of the buildings are lower than 3 floors. So you do not have to worry about maximum pollution.


Accra, Ghana


While it is true that in Accra you can do so many things, a better way to experience them is by hiring the services of a professional Accra escort service model from Elite London Escorts agency PalaceVIP. Communicating with other people may be challenging in this city because of the evident language barrier, but these escort Accra models can serve as a translator for you, aside from being a tour guide and a lovely companion buddy.

If you love music, you will certainly enjoy having a drumming lesson at the Natural Culture Centre. You get a free lesson on how to play drumming basics if you purchase a set of drums there. Music is just in the blood of many of the people in Accra. After all, you are in Africa.


Accra, Ghana

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