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When you hear the country name Madagascar, the first thing that enters your mind is the movie created out of its name. Yes, as the story in the movie predicts, you can expect a lot of animals in Madagascar. However, aside from animal watching, the country’s capital, Antananarivo, also has other things to offer. Of course, you can enjoy spending time doing such activities together with a lovely Antananarivo Escort London models from PalaceVIP, who can provide you the best hospitality in town.

Being in Madagascar means seeing the animals, of course. One of the best places to visit and see those animals is the Lemurs Park. It is a botanical and zoological park with many different rare species of animals, plants and insects. There are other parks in the area where you can also visit. In those parks you can see animals which can only be seen in Madagascar.

Another fine activity you can enjoy in Madagascar is people watching. This is because the people in Antananarivo are quite an interesting set of people to watch. The best place to do people watching is nowhere else than the main markets. The one in Tana replaced the used to be Zoma, which was considered as the second largest open air market worldwide. You will surely enjoy killing the time while strolling around the market streets.


Antananarivo, Madagascar


Since Tana is an open air market, you will surely be amazed with their food section, where you can find a huge selection of fresh produce and of course, the native’s favourite: rice. Vegetables are all around the place, and they are fresh, not enhanced by any kind of harsh chemical. Indeed, living in Antananarivo is a good choice for your health.

Contrary to what Madagascar is usually known of, Antananarivo also boasts of a royal palace. Ambohimanga is a palace which is located on top of one of the hills which are surrounding Tana. It used to be a summer retreat place for the country’s monarchy. Entering inside the palace gives you an idea how royalty in Madagascar lives. Enjoying all these places with your lovely companion Antananarivo escort model will add to the wonderful experience in the city.


Antananarivo, Madagascar

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