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Asmara, Eritrea Escorts

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If you are the type of person who loves history, visiting Eritrea might just be your kind of thing. After all, this place is where you are able to see damages from the civil war. There are a lot of buildings in Asmara, the capital city, which served as a witness to the rage of war in history. Overall, Asmara is a great city. There are a lot of things to do, and many activities to enjoy. The food is great, and the memories you can make will certainly be unforgettable.

Another thing that you can enjoy in Asmara is the presence of the lovely Asmara PalaceVIP escorts london. The girls here are reserved but fierce. They can serve as good tour guides around the area, and they would love to be your travel companion in the city. They love showing hospitality, and they are keen in helping you out with your every need. Depending on your negotiation, they can also give you additional services, depending on your preference.

Most of the fun activities you can do in Asmara are not really the outdoor types. There are some, though, however, the city is host to attractions related to architecture and history. For example, you can visit a unique church which is located at the heart of Asmara. It is called the Enda Mariam Orthodox Church. The church symbolizes the four directions, namely: North, South, East and West. Inside the church compound, you can find a tree which is called ‘Berberestelim’. In the old days, priests were known to use the tree’s leaves to wash dead bodies, and it is said that the bodies stay intact for years.


Asmara, Eritrea


Another religious site you may be interested in visiting is the Cathedral of Asmara. It has a bell tower which reaches high to the sky. It is a piece of Lombard Romanesque architectural design. If you are lost in the city together with your escort Amara model, you can use this landmark as a bearing point to check your location.

There is no doubt that Amara is a certified peaceful city. You can walk here peacefully, with no fear of having to move fast. Everything is laid back in this side of the planet.


Asmara, Eritrea

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