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If you want to experience a travel which is a mix of history, culture and an exotic feel, Cairo, in Egypt is the best place to visit. Many people go to Cairo to satisfy their curiosity. When one thinks of Egypt, the first impression is its link to the ancient world. True enough, Cairo is a place where mummies and pyramids exist, however, nowadays, there are more things you can do in the city.

To start off, your trip in Cairo would be a better one when you spend it with a lovely escort Cairo model of london. The girls in Cairo are known for their extraordinary voluptuous features, ala Cleopatra, as they say. They know the city for sure, and thus they can take you to places which will feed your learning and satisfaction.


Cairo, Egypt


When in Egypt, a trip to a museum is a must. Among the many features in the Egyptian museum is the mummy of King Tut, who was buried along with a vast amount of treasures which were all uncovered from his tomb. Because of the value of everything inside the museum, police and security guards are walking in and out the museum, adding to the place’s security up keeping.

If you want to experience the feel of living around hundreds of years ago, visit the Islamic Cairo. This is where you can see streets that twist and turn, making you feel that you are inside a very big maze. Pause at certain areas to admire the architectures of ancient Egypt. When visiting mosques, you and your PalaceVIP London Escort model should dress appropriately to show respect. In prayer halls, visitors are expected to remove their shoes.

Enjoy Cairo’s largest open air market scene by visiting Khan Ali-Kalili. The place still has the feel of the 14th century Egypt because most of the merchants here are from the same families of the merchants hundreds of years back. The businesses were likely passed from generation to generation. In these types of shopping places, make sure to enhance and hone your haggling and negotiating skills. In fact, vendors and merchants will feel insulted if you do not haggle with them.



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