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This interesting city is called the Rickshaw capital of the world. This is because around 400,000 cycle rickshaws can be found running on the city streets every day. Also, because of the influx of foreign investors, as well as foreign tourists, Dhaka has become one of the world’s fastest growing cities.

Aside from being the country’s focal point of commerce and trade, Dhaka is also known because of its famous tourist attractions. Aside from the views and sceneries, of course, people of Dhaka made it a very inviting country. People, most especially the lovely Dhaka escorts women can make your trip to the city a very satisfying one.

In Dhaka, you can literally say TGIF Thank God It’s Friday. This is because Fridays are non-working days in the city. Thus, all offices are closed that day. If you plan to enjoy all the sightseeing, you can visit the National Assembly building, which boasts of its architectural wonder. It is a big assembly of rectangular boxes and concrete cylinders, triangular apertures replacing a regular window. If you are a fan of the typical 70s architecture, you will surely enjoy the extravagant display of the building.


Dhaka, Bangladesh


Many foreigners visit Dhaka with learning in mind. This is a place where you can learn a lot about the culture of Bangladesh and its surrounding nations. The people are very generous in this side of the planet. They are family oriented, and they extend their hospitality to their guests really well.

When you are travelling with a Dhaka booked from international booking agency PalaceVIP London Escorts 24/7, it is a guarantee that the fun of your adventure will be doubled. Your lovely host can explain to you the rich history and culture of the city while traversing down the city’s finest. You can embark in an adventure of a lifetime in the busy city streets of Dhaka while riding a rickshaw, which is the city’s main mode of transport.

Just a word of note, moving around the city can be a really challenging one, with all the sweat, the smell and everything that goes along with it. Thus, before deciding to embark on this once in a lifetime adventure, prepare your heart and mind well. And when you do, you will get to experience one of the world’s finest cultures.



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