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If you are looking for a good country to visit, one which does not offer the common and expected things from famous countries, you should set your focus on Djibouti. It is interesting enough to know that the capital of the country is the main city itself bearing its name. This signifies that the country is just small. In fact it only has around 600,000 inhabitants. Despite the size, it is a multi ethnic city. Four languages are mainly spoken in the city: Afar, Somali, French and Arabic.

Even in this seemingly strict country, being dominated by Muslim adherents, you can still find lovely and mysterious DJibouti Escort girls from PalaceVIP. They can be your good companion during your city tour. Since you are new in the area, their assistance will be a good help for you. They can tour you around the city, promising you nothing but fun and adventure.

As mysterious as they are, as they usually have to blend in well with the crowd, they can guarantee you an exciting time. Beneath their shield are women of intriguing characters, willing to help you out with your every need. Most of all, they can assist you with your translation needs. You surely do not want to get lost around the city, wandering in the middle of nowhere.


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Your lovely tour escort Djibouti model may bring you to some of the city’s main attractions. For an interesting trip, you can visit the Afar Triangle, which is considered as one of the hottest and most desolate places on earth. You can get the feel of how life in desert is like. Or, you can go to Ambouli, and stroll under the palm groves during the cooler times of the day.

If you are fond of beaches and water activities, you should not miss going to Dorale and Khor Ambado. They have a good stretch of beach there good for swimming. Or perhaps you can try a good beach in Ghoubet al Kharab, which is bordered by black lava cliffs.

You can also drop by the Tropical Acquarium which takes pride of its underwater exhibits from no less than the Red Sea, as well as the Presidential Palace. So, what are you waiting for? Djibouti promises you an exotic holiday!


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