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Guatemala City, Guatemala Escorts

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Guatemala City is a modern city which is still evident of so much history. During the Spanish colonial times, this city used to be a very small town. But as the years passed by, dramatic growth was seen in the city and it eventually becomes the city that is known now. When talking about history, the famous Mayan people settled in this lovely city. As a visitor, you can have a glimpse of how they live before, including their interesting culture and tradition.

Guatemala City is host to many attractions and tourist spots. One is the Chichicastenango market. Here you will be truly immersed with how local life is lived here in this city. There are a lot of items to see here which may encourage you to do shopping. Textiles, food, flowers, and handicrafts are just among the so many things you can see and buy here.

A private tour is also a good way to spend time in the city. This can be done by hiring a local tour guide, or perhaps hire the professional services of a lovely Guatemala City Elite London Escorts booked from PalaceVIP, to serve as your travel companion during your stay in the city. By hiring a lovely model, you will be assured of a good private tour around the city.


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The private tour which is guided by a tour guide is usually three hours long, and will educate you about Guatemala City. Among the places which will be visited is the Metropolitan Cathedral, which is considered as the city’s main church. This church is a popular religious landmark in the city.

Aside from the cathedral, you and your amazing escort Guatemala City model can also visit the National Palace of Guatemala which is the city’s symbol. It also serves as the headquarters of the President. The tour will also include a visit to the Civic Centre, the Central Plaza, as well as the Ixchel Museum.

To have a glimpse on the Mayan way of life, you can also visit Tikal. This used to be the capital and centre of the Maya civilization. Here you can see a lot of amazing stone monuments. It is currently listed as one of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


Guatemala City, Guatemala

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