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If you ask a traveller on his way to Asia what top destinations can be found in his list, Hong Kong is definitely one of the top ones. After all, every year, thousands of visitors flock in this city because of its tourist friendly environment. Tourists coming to Hong Kong come from different countries all over the world. This may be because of the fact that the city focuses a lot on Tourism, and is working on making the tourist attractions really worth visiting for.

Hong Kong is where East meets West. This lovely city used to be under the British government until it acquired its own political status. Even with the influence coming from the West, it was able to maintain its own culture, a strikingly unique one, to say the list. If you compare Hong Kong to another Western place, it would be close to Sicily. This is because the people living in Hong Kong are also islanders.

If you notice souvenirs and other items representing the entire Hong Kong, you would likely notice that the image captures the view from the Victoria Peak. It is the city’s most famous vantage point, where you can see the finest harbours not just in the city, but in the whole world. Go to the Peak around sundown to enjoy the best view there is.


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As a traveller’s tip, do not go around Hong Kong alone. If you do not have somebody to accompany you during this wonderful and amazing tour, hire the services of a pretty Hong Kong escort service model. You’ll never get wrong with it.

For an exposure to the Hong Kong culture, visit the city’s most famous tea house, the Lin Heung Tea House for a special health tea trip. Enjoying this part of the city may mean that you are willing to do pantomime, or body language, or perhaps trust your companion escort Hong Kong model like Elite Hong Kong Escorts to do the food ordering for both of you. It is a fun experience, you’ll see.

And of course, when in London, you should never miss going to that one place which will make you feel like a kid again: Disneyland. While the Disneyland here is comparatively smaller than the other parks all over the world, the fun and excitement is the same. Enjoy your day playing around as if you do not have to think about anything else in the world.


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