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Now let’s travel down the Southeast Asia. Here you can see many countries grouped together. However, one country will certainly capture your attention as it is known as the biggest archipelago in the whole world, in terms of area and population. Indonesia is represented by 17,000 or more islands. Judging by the number of islands, you get the inkling that you will never be bored if you decide on exploring all of Indonesia. However, some of those islands are not really traveller friendly. Thus, it is suggested that you keep your focus on the country’s capital, Jakarta.

In order to understand the life in Jakarta as well as its traditions and culture, it is recommended for you to visit Taman Mini Indonesia Indah. It is a park which presents the country’s different cultures in one place. You can see displays of the different ethnic groups of Indonesia. There you can also see impressively created buildings, museums, as well as chains of restaurants.

For a historic tour, visit the old town of Kota, which is centred in the Fatahillah Square. There you can see a wide collection of good old Dutch colonial era buildings, as well as a number of good museums. Just near Kota is Sunda Kelapa, where you can see a lot of old wooden sailing schooners which was used by the ancient people to deliver goods all throughout the country. Nowadays, it has become a good tourist attraction especially to those who love photography.


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There are also several fine museums around the area. This includes the Fatahillah museum, Jakarta Fine Arts and Ceramics Museum, and the Wayang Museum, which houses the traditional puppetry art of the country.

The secret to enjoying all these things is to have a good companion to enjoy your tour with. If you have none, never hesitate to call for the services of a seductive Jakarta escort london girl from Jakata branch of PalaceVIPwho can certainly take your boredom away, aside from bringing you to the most wonderful places in town.

To understand the religion in Indonesia, you and your escort Jakarta service model can enjoy visiting the country’s largest mosque, the Istiqlal Mosque, which is considered a sacred place of worship for the Muslims. It is also a place where conferences and seminars are held.


Jakarta, Indonesia

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