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There is no doubt that nobody does not know about this city. Jerusalem is called the Holy City, as a place mentioned in the Holy Book. Every year, thousands of religious people flock to this place to visit the capital and experience what life in Jerusalem is like. Aside from being in Jerusalem for religious purposes, there are other things you can definitely enjoy here.

Let’s start with spiritual things first. You can visit the Temple Mount. This is the place where Abraham’s faith was tested when he was asked to sacrificed his son, Isaac. Then, it was also the place where King Solomon built the first Holy Temple there. This location has been considered holy by three monotheistic religions. Therefore, your visit here will satisfy your spiritual thirst.

Another thing which Jerusalem is really proud of is its culinary culture. The base of Jerusalem’s menu is traditional Mediterrthe again. You should never leave the city without tasting their staples like shwarma, falafel, chummus, and of course the mouth watering, Shakshuka. The city is also a big melting pot of food cultures. Thus, food from other countries can also be found here.


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For a better view of the entire Jerusalem, you can go up for prominent viewing spots in the city. You can go to the Haas Promenade / Tayelet to have a view of the biblical Mount of Olives. Other locations are the Hebrew University campus, Mount Scopus, Mount o f Olives and the Kibbutz Ramat Rachel. From these locations, you can have an excellent view of the Old city, as well as the landmarks in the area.

The city of Jerusalem takes pride in its culture, where people enjoy great music, crafts and art. If you get the special chance to visit the town during the summer season, you will undoubtedly enjoy several festivals participated by locals and foreigners alike. During these times, you can also enjoy the companionship of adorable Jerusalem escort models.

Never leave the city without enjoying its market scene. Your lovely Jerusalem model of Busty London Escorts of PalaceVIP may help you a little with negotiation, but the haggling is up to you. You do not have to worry since haggling is undoubtedly part of the market life here.


Jerusalem escorts, Israel

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