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Kampala, Uganda Escorts

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Kampala is the capital city of Uganda. Contrary to what you may initially in mind, Kampala is a modern and confident city. It is home to a good number of historical landmarks, as well as abundance in natural beauty and resources. When you are visiting Kampala, there are a lot of tourist attractions you can visit. One way to get the best out of Kampala is by enjoying a city tour with someone gorgeous, perhaps one of the Kampala escorts service models.

One place you can visit is the Kabaka’s Palace which is the official home of the King of Uganda. Since it is a house of a royalty, different fusion of architectural design and styles have been incorporated to last for years, perhaps for centuries. If you are one those people who are fanatics to architecture and history, this is a good place to start your tour.

Another recommended place is the Kasubi tombs which were initially built in 1881. This is a known burial place for the royalty. The place is very popular that it is now considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The makeup of the infrastructure is amazing in a way that they are formed out of traditional bark cloth. Some known royals have been buried in this place.


Kampala, Uganda


Another must visit place with your lovely companion from international Elite London Escorts booking agency PalaceVIP for your Kampala model is the famous Ssezibwa Falls, which is located east of Kampala. There you also have the chance to observe traditional ceremonies which are conducted by local healers for those who seek spiritual assistance and guidance.

For another artistic tour, be sure to drop by Rubaga Cathedral, which is located in a hill, overlooking the city. It is popular for the uniqueness of its design. It is also considered as a famous landmark in the entire Kampala city.

All these activities you can certainly enjoy better in the arms of the alluring service model that you have hired. There is no need to fret. These girls are safe, even conservative because of the way they are brought up. You are indeed in good hands during your travel to Kampala, Uganda.


Kampala, Uganda

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