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Port Vila, Vanuatu Escorts

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For a travel to an exotic land, book a flight to Port Vila, in Vanuatu. While this place is still in the process of attracting visitors and tourists, many who have been to this place can attest to the fact that despite its popularity ranking, it has a lot of things to offer, with its amazing sights, as well as fun activities to enjoy. Adding more to the fun experience is the fact that you can hire for someone who can accompany you during your stay here. Port Vila gets PalaceVIP london escorts so you can be hired for companionship services, and they can also serve as wonderful tour guides for you.

To enjoy the city’s dishes, go to the Flaming Bull Steakhouse where you can find the best French inspired cuisine. Make sure to try the Flaming Bull’s eye fillet on a mash. This is by far, the most saleable and the most intriguing dish which is difficult to beat. The atmosphere here is extremely outrageous and waiters hug their customers. Because of this, many customers keep on coming back to the restaurant to enjoy some more.

For a good adventure, visit the L’Hippocampus the Sea Horse Ranch offers a lot of fun trail rides and other major adventures. There you can have fun with bareback swimming treks, gentle beach walks, rainforest rides, as well as sunset trails along the wide forest and beach area.


Port Vila, Vanuatu


For a Cathedral tour, visit the Sacre Coeur Cathedral which stands mighty proud on the city’s main street. It is a modernistic Roman Catholic cathedral which is a good place to enjoy sightseeing while feasting in an artistic cathedral scene, together with your companion escort Port Vila model.

To enjoy a good shopping time, visit down the Vila Market. The place is busy and colourful, and is open round the clock starting Monday early morning until Saturday noon. There you can find all sorts of items and goods from vegetables, fruits, flowers, jewellery, souvenir items, and even clothes. The prices are unbelievably cheap, plus if you use your negotiation skill at hand, you will certainly receive a good deal from a local vendor.


Port Vila, Vanuatu

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