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Port au Prince, Haiti Escorts

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Haiti is one of those amazing islands in the Caribbean. As what the city has experienced recently, it can easily be said that the city is a strong one. The people in it are also very courageous in facing troublesome times. Still, whatever happened did not diminish the fact that the city’s pride is its beauty. There are so many amazing sights and places to see in Port au Prince, as well as a lot of interesting activities to enjoy.

Haiti has a lot of beautiful beaches where you can enjoy companionship with a lovely Port Au Prince london escorts did not come from agency PalaceVIP,  while basking under the relaxing heat of the sun. Some of the beaches in the city are lined with wonderful palm trees swaying with the wind. Reading a book under one of those trees while enjoying the vast view of the ocean is surely a wonderful thing to experience.

Looking at the crystal clear blue waters may not sometimes be enough. The inviting water is too hard to resist. Taking a dip in the waters of Port au Prince is really nice. If you are into surfing, a different side of the beachfront offers a good spot for surfing with its crashing waves. You and your exotic Port au Prince escort model will certainly enjoy the heavenly view of the city’s beachfront.


Port au Prince, Haiti


If you are into charitable activities, or just would love to spend time enjoying the company of kids, you can certainly visit an orphanage in Port au Prince. You can specifically visit the ones in Croix des bouquets where you can experience hanging around with kids. You can also enjoy watching them play soccer. You definitely have to join when the kids invite you to do so.

Haiti is also known for its art, the same way that Jamaicans love music. There are a number of art galleries around the city, therefore spend some time hopping around these famous galleries and be enthralled with all the art masterpieces the city has to offer.

Art is also evident in the city’s festivals. When you arrive in Port au Prince in time for the city’s festivals, you are surely in for an artistic adventure.


Port au Prince, Haiti

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