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Quite interestingly, little has been known about this official capital of the West African country of Benin. This is because, even though Porto Novo is the acknowledged capital, it is not the biggest, nor the most important city in Benin. Still, this is where most tourist attractions can be found. To note, the best way to enjoy your exploration of the entire Porto Novo is by hiring the services of an astonishing Porto-Novo escort service model. Benin girls are known for their interesting personalities which will make their male clients want for more.

There are a number of interesting places in Porto Novo. One is the Musee Honme Palais Royal, which used to be the former home of the country’s King Toffa. Inside the castle you can see the king’s personal belongings, including his photographs as well as his royal carriage. If you are passionate about history, then this place will surely overwhelm you with lots of it.

There are also a lot of historical museums within the city. One is the da Silva Museum, which displays memoirs of Benin’s most turbulent historical period. It outlines its journey from its humble beginnings, down to the French invasion, until its modern day democracy.

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Another museum is the Enthnographique Museum of Porto Novo which takes pride of its huge collection of historical artifacts. It shows a collection of Yoruba masks, as well as other historical masterpieces. This museum was established in the 1960’s and was considered as the city’s first museum ever. You and your lovely companion Porto-Novo models from International booking agency PalaceVIP London escorts will certainly enjoy the time spent in these historical focal points of the city.

Visiting Jardin Place Jean Bayol is also a worthwhile activity to do. It is a large plaza where you can see a status of the very first King of Porto-Novo. You can also drop by the palais de Gouverneur, or the governor’s palace, which is home to the national legislature in Benin.

While in Porto-Novo, you can also enjoy Adjogan music. This is a traditional music played on an instrument called the alounloun, which is a stick composed of metallic rings attached. The instrument creates a jingle when the stick is beaten to create a rhythm. Surely, hearing the sound will make you want to stay in the city longer.

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