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As the famous adage goes, 'When in Rome, Do what Romans do’, you can also enjoy the freedom to move in Rome. Rome, in Italy, is considered the City of Love for many reasons. One of those reasons is the fact that the city is well adorned with lovely sights, which are considered good places for a romantic meet up. In Rome, there are also lots of Rome Escorts from PalaceVIP the international Elite escorts booking agency, with models who can prove to be good companions during your city trip.


Rome, Italy


These lovely models can take you to famous tourist attractions in Rome. You can certainly feast on artistic displays of ancient monuments and masterpieces. One of them is the world famous Pantheon, which used to serve as a temple of ancient roman gods. You can never resist taking souvenir photos in such a grand place. Also, you can visit museums such as the Giorgio de Chirico House, which is home to the artist’s signature masterpieces and other special items.

Most visitors who have already been to Rome say that the city itself is already a museum. Therefore, wherever you may go, from the Galleria Borghese to the Renaissance era famous San Luigi dei Francesi, everything is a work of art. If you are also a religiously devoted individual, you can also enjoy the chapels and churches which also boast of architectural wonders.

And of course, the city’s people are still the best asset the city has to offer. The people in Rome are known for their good natured attitude, plus their attentiveness towards food. This is why, no wonder the food in Rome is popular worldwide. They are known for their pasta and pizza which marks an international standard in dining.

Going back to the people, especially the women, Rome escort models of elite London escorts can give you the best time of your life during your visit in their city. Since they are from the area, you can be assured that they know what they are doing. There is nobody else better to give you the tour guide services that you need around Rome than these lovely and alluring service models. Therefore, if you are interested in hiring the services of these models, browse through our website to contact one of them.


Rome escort girls, Italy

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