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San Jose, Costa Rica Escorts

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There is no questioning to the fact that Costa Rica offers a wide variety of attractions from simple harmless butterflies, to harsh and strong bull fights. Yet still, the best way to completely enjoy all the attractions of the city is by hiring the services of an equally attractive San Jose escorts model. These lovely ladies will not only prove to be good head turner companions, but they can also serve as an amazing guide to this foreign land of San Jose.

Actually, some visitors to the city of San Jose refer to the city as a chaosmopolitan city. This is because the narrow city streets are packed with a lot people, vehicles, as well as public utility transportation buses which let go of bad diesel fumes. The sidewalks are also full of vendors and buyers. On your first glance of the city, you may just come running to your hotel room.

However, at a second look, you will witness a city striving to maintain its international level of business concerns. Because of this, amazing hotels, as well as other tourist attractions are developed in the city. You can start your amazing tour by visiting the Zoo Avenue, which serves as a sanctuary for animals which are injured. It also serves as a paradise for bird lovers.


San Jose, Costa Rica


You can continue your trek with your companion San Jose London Escorts Service Model by visiting La Basilica de Nuestra Senora de los Angeles, which is a very popular tourist attraction in all of San Jose. Even though you are not necessarily religious, you can still look at the church as a very beautiful one.

There are also museums in San Jose which serves as home to national art collections and other artefacts. For example, you can visit the Museo de Arte Costarricense which boasts of its collection of over 2,500 art masterpieces. Woodcarvings, paintings, as well as sculptures can be seen here. They also feature travelling exhibits from all over the world. You can also drop by the Galeria Ocelote which was initially created with the goal of promoting Latin American handicrafts.


San Jose, Costa Rica

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