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Sofia, which is the capital of Bulgaria, has so much to offer. Among them is the richness of its culture and tradition, as well as its people. These factors, among others, have made Sofia a magnet to many tourists. As a matter of fact, a better way to hop around and enjoying your tour around the city is by being in company with an attractive Sofia international booking service of Escorts London agency PalaceVIP. These lovely ladies of Sofia personify beauty and charm. They are good companions during your stay in the city.

As commented by many tourists, Sofia is such a beautiful city, with a long and rich history. Interestingly, almost all, or at least 97% of Bulgarians have their own homes. In the whole world, this is the highest rate when it comes to private home ownership. Bulgaria is a rich country. In fact, 97.9% of the homes own at least one television set, while 93% owns a refrigerator. It is also a city which has been witness to how history unfolded.

If you want a relaxing experience on a mountainside, Mount Vitoshe is a good choice. You can enjoy good scenery on top of the mountain. Especially if you visit the area during winter, you can enjoy activities such as hiking and skiing. During summertime, you can also enjoy strolling and trekking for some fresh air. There are cable lifts which can bring you up, while you do the going down yourself. It is one of the most amazing places in Sofia.




You and your lovely companion Sofia escort service model can also take a religious trip to the Bojana Church. This was built in the 13th century and a good example of a middle age Bulgarian infrastructure. There are a lot of relics inside the church. Not many people can readily give the directions of this church, but if you are with your local companion, going there is certainly not a problem.

Typical native restaurants in Sofia offer amazingly delicious food. Most foreigners do not like the foods at first taste, but later on, they acquire the fondness to it. It is actually quite amazing because the restaurants are also amazing places to stay and do people watching.



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