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Sucre, Bolivia Escorts


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Bolivia. This country boasts of so many things to see, and fun activities to do. Still, the best asset of Bolivia is its people. In order to get the best of Bolivia, enjoy a tour with a lovely Sucre girls, models booked from London Escorts Booking Agency PalaceVIP. They have a lot of knowledge about their city, thus, strolling around, visiting famous spots can be both a fun and exciting experience worth remembering.

To give is to receive. This motto can also be applied during your visit in Bolivia. Why? You can drop by Fenix, a non-profit Spanish school in the city. Once you donate monetary contributions to them, your money goes to helping many worthwhile causes in which the school is supporting. Of course, you are also getting something in return. You can lessons in basic conversational Spanish which you can use as you go around touring the city.

And of course, being a religious city, Sucre is also home to La Catedral (The Cathedral). This is located in the city’s main square, and the cathedral tower is visible in all Sucre. Relics such as the Jesus Child Circumcision, as well as Virgen de Guadalupe is a must see during your visit.


Sucre, Bolivia


You and your companion Sucre escort service model will also enjoy learning at the University of Charcas Museum. There you will see a wide collection of items which are classified into three categories: Modern Art Gallery, Anthropology, Archaeology, Ethnography, as well as the Colonial Art. Visiting the latter one means taking a peek at some mummies being preserved in the museum.

Another museum worth visiting is the Museo de Santa Clara which is home to a lot of books, silver items, sculptures as well as Chuquisaqueña paintings. In its nearby chapel you can also see one of the very first organs of America. You will certainly experience calmness when visiting this part of the city.

Yes, there is also a castle in Bolivia. This is the Glorieta Castle (Castillo de la Glorieta) which was built during the 19th century by the famous Don Francisco de Agandoña. The wife of this famous builder was later on referred to as ‘Glorieta Princess’, being one who supports local orphans in the area.


Sucre Bolivia

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