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Sydney is the capital of the country which is known as the Land down under, Australia. When you think of Australia, the first thing that comes to your mind is the kangaroos and koalas which the country is most popular of. When you visit the country and yo, you say ‘Thank You’, instead of hearing the normal ‘You’re Welcome’, most of the Australians mean ‘No Worries’.


Another interesting thing that Sydney has to offer is its good quality standard in coffee. Yes, you have not been to Sydney if you have not tasted their world famous coffee. And of course, in Sydney, you can enjoy a cruise ride everyday because of their ferries. Indeed Sydney is one place you should never miss should you decide.

Sydney, Australia Escort


When in Sydney, there are a hundred must-visit places that you definitely should not miss. Paris boasts itself as the City of Lights. Sydney also has something to boast. It is known as the City of Trees. Within the city alone, around 29,000 trees with 120 different species are found in the city streets. You should also not miss taking a picture in the Harbour Bridge. It is considered as the world’s largest steel arch bridge, as well as the widest long-span bridge worldwide.


And oh! The beaches! There are a lot of beaches in Sydney. It has been referred to as the ‘London of the Caribbean’. Aside from the activities, you can enjoy the beaches; you also have the chance to get to know other people who enjoy basking under the sun. If you have the opportunity to go to the beach early in the morning, you also have the chance to see the beautiful ocean sunrise, which appears 338 days in a year in Sydney.


But when the night falls, Sydney has another asset to boast of Its women. Australian women are known for their lovely curves and their voluptuous body shape. Plus, they hit a blend of being conservative and liberated. At night time, attractive Sydney escort models from London can be found in major streets, offering their service. What’s great about these lovely Sydney Escorts booked from PalaceVIP escorts agency is that they sound so sweet and sexy with their distinctive Australian accent. The accent is quite similar to that in London, but with a twist. Women in Sydney are fond of calling everybody ‘darling’, which gives you the impression that they love you, or at least pretends to.

Sydney Australia

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