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Tbilisi is no doubt a country which is a pot of diversity. It is home to people with diverse background in terms of ethnicity, culture and religion. Many escorts find their way to londons PalaceVIP in search of adventure. There are a lot of tourist attractions all over the city. A visit in Tbilisi will be a memorable one because of all the activities and the sights waiting for you to explore. Though it is not the typical city which will give you a scene of high buildings and amazing streets, Tbilisi offers a whole lot more.

If you find monastery visits amazing, a visit to the monastery of Davit Gareja is a must do when you are in Tbilisi. Most visitors find this elite monastery a good place, and it is even considered a favourite. It may be a bit far and out of the way, but if you are in company of a lovely Tbilisi 24/7 Escort, who can serve as a PalaceVIP manager and tour guide, you can reach this tourist attraction with no hassle at all.

For a taste of history, you can also visit the Stalin Museum in Gori. Historic artefacts related to this very popular person can be found in this museum. If you are a lover of history, you will certainly find your experience worth the travel and effort. Nearby is the cave city of Uplistsikhe which will certainly give you an impressive view of all its structures. Enjoy your adventure with an Elite agency escort.


Tbilisi, Georgia


You can also enjoy a portion of the famous Black Sea from the city of Tbilisi. However, whatever idea you have at the back of your mind regarding the Black Sea may not be what you see when arriving in Batumi, which is located in the Black Sea Coast. It is a semi-tropical environment which is peaceful and calm, unlike what people think of the Black Sea, as a merciless sea in the middle of snow-capped mountains.

Other famous attractions in Tbilisi which you can enjoy with your lovely escort Tbilisi model include.  The Georgian National Museum, Paliashvili Opera House, Metekhi Cathedral, and the monument of elite King Vakhtang Gorgasali, Abanotubani, Narikhala Fortress and the Sioni Cathedral Church. All these tourist attractions are available to the general public as well as to the escort tourists in the area.



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Tbilisi, Georgia