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If you are tired of visiting countries which are already known, and want to visit a new destination, Zagreb, in Croatia is a good choice. This city is considered as having a developing and emerging economy, so you are assured that there are plenty of things to do here. In fact, the city is proud of its artistic, cultural, as well as scientific contributions to the entire world. It also boasts of its wines, cuisine, and also sporting achievements. Yes, Croatia is a must visit country.

However, if you do not know anybody in Zagreb, but you do not certainly want to travel and explore the city alone, you always have the option to ask assistance from Zagreb escort service models. These ladies are well trained in the field of hospitality. They can serve as good tour guides, travel companions, plus they offer additional services. If you are in Zagreb for a business trip, having them as date during your business meeting is also possible.

As a note, Zagreb highly regards their women. In fact, they even have a ‘The Women in Zagreb’ tour, which will enable visitors to see locations which are, in a way, influenced by Zagreb’s most influential women, especially in history. Zagreb women are determined and know exactly what they want in life. Thus, you can never get wrong with hiring the services of a passionate Zagreb escort service modelwho has joined PalaceVIP as one of the Elite London Escorts.


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It is interesting that even the people of Zagreb say that their city is just too quiet. For them, yes. However, for tourists and visitors who may be coming from noisy countries will find the city’s quiet life a good thing. You will certainly enjoy the wide streets in the city, well preserved classic architecture, as well a natural cleanliness in the area.

You can visit the Green horseshoe, which is a garden, and one of the landmarks in the city. You can also go to Ulica Ilica, it is a square in the longest street of the city. Here you can see the city’s commercial centre. And if you want to visit an unusual place in the city, stroll down the Stone Gate. It is a shrine where religious people offer their prayer. At times you can observe intense devotion offered by the patrons.

Zagreb is just so wonderful to miss. On your next vacation schedule, try to put Zagreb in your list. For certain, you will never regret it.


Zagreb, Croatia

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