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Delivery Service 24/7 in London with a Difference

Are you waiting for 24/7 to have something delivered? It could mean that you have to wait at home even if you do have other more important things to do. Well, if you are fortunate enough, you might be able to get some work done at home. Otherwise, the time spent waiting could be a complete waste.

Deliveries are often cover during the day in the week as well, which is usually the time when you have other things to do. You could try and arrange to collect the item yourself, but even then, that will take time and will often need to complete during standard working hours.


How about if one could arrange the delivery during the day time without putting aside other jobs? One escort agency in London has found an answer that could be the perfect solution for busy people that don’t have time to waste. It is likely to be a godsend to existing clients, and could also help attract some new ones. 

Delivery with A Difference 

Instead of waiting at your house for the package to arrive during working hours, you could alternatively arrange for it through the escort agency 24/7, and the agency could then arrange for an escort to take it along with her on your next appointment.


Regular clients effectively get to kill two birds with one stone as they get to book an appointment with an escort, which they would have been doing at some point anyway, and get their package delivered to them at the same time. Clients can arrange to meet the escort where they want, and at a time that suits them, that means they need not miss a minute of work or whatever other essential plans they have at the time. 


The service will only really be practical for items under a specific size, but it could still help to remove a great deal of inconvenience in the lives of people that are already very busy. 


Increasing Bookings 


It is somewhat of a no-brainer for the elite escort agency. It costs nothing for them to have packages delivered to their offices, and somebody will always be there anyway, so there is no inconvenience involved. The worst trouble would be that the escort would need to receive the package, although that is easy to overcome. 


The benefits of home delivery outweigh any inconvenience because arranging to have a package delivered via an escort gives the client an opportunity, or excuse, to book a companion in the first place. In having a package offered 24/7 by the elite girl, the agencies could see bookings being made more frequently than what was there earlier. With a little risk involved and so much to gain, it is the best decision by an agency. 


The idea may need some further details, though, and there could well be a few speed-bumps to iron out along the way, but it promises to be an idea that will benefit all involved.