An Offer of a Personal Assistant

A Personal Assistant with More to Offer

Is your workload beginning to get you down? Sometimes we do just have too much on our plate and when this happens, it is often a good idea to ask for help. A personal assistant will be able to handle many of the routine tasks for you while you focus on the more important jobs. You might want to consider hiring an assistant permanently, or maybe just until your workload is at a more manageable level. In London, an escort is offering the service of personal assistant in addition to her other escorting services. Her clients so far say that she has been very helpful indeed.

A Very Capable Assistant

Denise, 26, has been an escort with PalaceVIP for 5 years, but escorting isn’t the only thing she is good at. “I took a vocational course at college so I know exactly what needs to be done when it comes to office work”, she said. “I am computer literate and can use all office software”. “I also know basic accounting, I can create spreadsheets, databases and even presentations”, she added. “There’s little that I cannot do when it comes to admin duties and I can help to alleviate somebody’s workload considerably”. “I’m also very good at relieving stress once the work for the day has been done”, she smiled suggestively.

Working from Home or Office

“Whether you want to get work done at your home, office or a hotel room then that is fine by me”, said Denise. “I generally find it more comfortable at a home or hotel room provided there’s a suitable place to get work done”. “Many hotels also provide facilities which can help to get things done much quicker and there are often even staff on hand to help out if needed”. “I have my own laptop that I can use as well, and I know how to put it to good use”.

A Range of services Available

While Denise is able to offer services as a personal assistant, her main job is an escort so she can offer a number of other services as well. Ranging from high-brow dining occasions to intimate evenings in, Denise is available for bookings throughout the week and is happy to please. You could also consider booking Denise as your personal assistant while also planning to take advantage of the other services that she offers once your work is done for the day.


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