Dating an Escort Model without Getting Emotionally Involved

The last thing a client wants to experience is getting emotionally involved with an escort service model he has hired to accompany him throughout the night.  It may be a challenging thing to do, since an escort model is usually lovable, and not to mention ultra gorgeous. Yes, it may be challenging, however there are ways to pursue with dating without really getting involved romantically.


  • Do not ask any personal question to the escort model you have hired. If you tend to know her background, your emotions may go to her, and you will start thinking about the probability of being romantically involved with her.


  • Make the date strictly professional, more of like a business date. After all, it is really a business date, no more, no less. You can enjoy each other’s company, but keep it to that level. This does not mean though that you have to treat the other person rudely. Treat an escort model with respect. Show her the same level of politeness you would usually show your friends.


  • Do not let her number or picture overstay in your phone. The tendency of you contacting her again directly may increase if you always see something which reminds you of her.


  • Make it clear to her from the start that you don’t want to get involved with her romantically. Most escort models appreciate this honesty. Telling her so would only pre-empt the girl of the things she can, and cannot do. She can set a borderline of what things she can show you.


Dating without getting emotionally involved can generally protect you from the risk associated with this type of relationship. However, if you think that emotions are just too strong, then why not take the risk of following your heart. But before doing so, make sure that you are ready. Getting romantically involved with an escort model is a challenging thing to do.


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