Dos and Don’ts when Watching a Play with an Escort Model

If you are the type of person who likes to watch plays and musicals, spending the night watching one with busty london escorts 24/7 model of your choice may be a good idea for a date. For one, escort models may enjoy the experience. These girls, especially those who work under an escort agency, are educated enough to enjoy these kinds of dates. You may even discuss the play with her for an intelligent conversation.

However, there are things that you have to consider when watching plays, especially when you’re with a companion model. There are Dos and Don’ts when it comes to this type of dating.


  • Do not send or receive text messages during the show. Better yet, turn your cellphone off completely. Remember, the lights in a theatre is darkened, the light from your phone screen can cause a distraction.
  • Do not eat during the show. Even if you and your companion model haven’t eaten your dinner yet, it is not a good excuse for munching something throughout the show.
  • Do not show your overreactions. If you are disappointed at how the story goes, do not show your annoying hisses, snarls, and shouts. Remember, hold your reactions for later, after the end of the show, outside the theatre.


  • Unwrap candies, or cough drops before the show. If you need to eat candies during the show, make sure to unwrap them before the show starts. The crinking sound may just disturb others.
  • Come Clean. Of course, you are expected to do so if you are meeting a companion model for a date. But also, theatre plays are formal events. Dress your part.
  • Respect other people around you. Make sure that you don’t lean to your neighbors’ seat, or perhaps use their leg room. They also pay to watch and enjoy the show, so do not be a cause of irritation.

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