Finding Rebound Relationships in Escort Models

Moving on from a bad relationship may be a hard trek to take. After all, it’s not easy especially if you have really developed a close relationship with your previous partner. One way to let go of that sad experience is to divert your attention to somebody else, not necessarily falling in love right away. It’s just to lighten the mood, and meet new people.


However, a rebound relationship with an escort model may offer some advantages and disadvantages. Here are some facts regarding dating an escort model as a rebound.


•  A rebound relationship happens after a long term relationship has ended. Usually it only last in a short duration. Its purpose is to help in mending a broken heart.  For this, an escort model is a good option for having a temporary, rebound relationship.


•  It is a kind of relationship wherein a person is involved with a new, different partner in order to prove to others that they are still capable of being loved.


•  It is also one wherein a person shows to an ex that he has moved on. For this, escort models are worth the attention of any man. Any girl seeing her ex strolling around with a gorgeous woman is a good path for ‘revenge’.


•  Rebound relationships are referred to as a band aid which offers a temporary relief to a certain pain.


•  A rebound relationship can sometimes turn into a real relationship depending on the level of trust given by the new partner. In the case of dating an escort service model, this may be challenging, seeing the nature of relationship which exists as a customer-model one.


•  Not every hurting relationship ‘needs’ a rebound one. Therefore, dating an escort service model may not just serve the purpose of rebound, but forming a new friendship.



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