Fine Dining Etiquettes

Our society presents different kinds of dining styles. Many people enjoy the carefree type, buffet style, where you are free to choose what to eat, how much to eat, while not thinking of specific manners and etiquettes to be observed.

The case is different, though, when engaging in Fine Dining. There are rules that need to be observed. Therefore, before going out for an exciting date with your companion model, consider some tips on how to act well when eating out – fine dining style.

  • In a Fine Dining setting, there are forks on the left side, and spoons and knives on the right side of the plate. The secret is to work starting from the outside in. This means that the farthest cutlery is used for the first course.
  • There are two shapes of soup spoons available in the table. One is shaped as a round bowl, while the other is egg shaped. When eating your soup, do not lift the bowl. Using your spoon, from the centre of the bowl, push the spoon away from you to the farthest edge. Drink the soup from the edge of the spoon, not putting the whole spoon to your mouth.
  • Table napkins are only used for dabbing your mouth, not wiping it. Never tuck your napkin to your dress.
  • If your partner or somebody else offers a toast to you, do not stand up. Remain seated and do not raise a glass to yourself. There is no need to touch glasses with others, raising the glass to their direction is enough. What is important is eye contact.

There are a lot of things that you have to consider while dining out. The above mentioned things are just some of them, but generally the most important ones. When you are dating a companion model, it is expected that she is used to this kind of setting. Therefore, if you are ultimately unsure of what to do, inform Elite London Escorts model, so that she can lead you the way. She can serve as your host, and you can just follow what she does. But do it discreetly, or else you will look funny.


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