Flirting with an Escort Model while driving

Stoplights are great places for meeting new people. Though the chances are rare, you may even get that chance to see an escort model driving her own car. Well, as long as you are already sure that she is one, you can work your charms on her, and attempt to flirt with her while driving.

  • Use your eyes. Look over at her quickly. Do not stare long, but give a quick glance. Staring long will make you look suspicious.
  • Relay the idea that you are interested in her by checking on her the second time. This time, make eye contact. If she ignores you, she might not be interested at all. But if she stares back, it’s a good signal for you.
  • The next thing to do is to smile at her, wave, or do any gesture to let her know that you are attracted to her.
  • If she waves back, or smiles back, continue with your flirting.
  • Wave briefly or perhaps mouth something to the London escorts model. Take note of her reaction before pulling away. If she tries to catch up, you are given a go signal to talk to her further.

If you are successful, she may even end up hopping to your car. When that happens, you can start engaging in a conversation, and eventually asking her on what she wants to do for the night. Better yet, present options on the things both of you can enjoy doing together.

Just a note to consider, never jeopardize driving safety because of too much flirting. Pay attention to your driving. If you are able to get her attention and she transfers to your car, exercise further caution, and pull over if you need to talk, or do anything else.


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