Flirting with an Escort Model

Escort models are girls who are used to the flirting process. Therefore, all your styles may be well recognized by them. However, there are still subtle ways to grab an escort model’s attention. Here are some of the fun ideas on how to flirt with an escort model.


  • Use the power of your eyes. True, you have already paid for the services of an escort model for the entire night, but it is still fun to add some twists and excitement to your evening. During dinner, flirt with her using your eyes. The eyes can tell so much about the things you want and desire to do.


  • Smile Sexily. There is no other better way to show your flirtation strategy than to smile sexily. While escort models may detect this right away, your unique smile should capture her attention.


  • Talk Sexy. Do not be too pornographic in providing details, of course, but you can ask about what turns her on, or what she likes to do, how she likes to be treated, and such. All other activities are reserved for later that night.


  • Take charge of the flirting process. Never let your date lead the way. As the man, impress your girl by preparing some topics for conversation. Of course, these topics should be well prepared in advance. This is a subtle way of flirting because the way you handle yourself confidently unknowingly attracts a girl to you.


  • Flirting is not just talking about yourself. Listen well, if the girl notices that you can handle a conversation well, she would likely open up to you more than you can imagine.


  • When flirting, make sure that she understands that you really mean it. Yes, the services may have been paid, but your actions should all be true and free from pretentions.

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