How to Avoid Getting Caught Having a Date with an Escort Model

Men who have commitments, or perhaps responsibilities as husbands hate the idea of being caught having a good time with an escort model. Yet, it does not mean that they are not entitled to have fun. Wives, especially, have this special innate detection capability to tell whether their husbands are playing with fire. The information below highlights information on how wives are able to tell that their husbands are cheating.


  • A wife can tell if her husband has an extramarital affair with an escort model if he begins coming home late, or perhaps going out late at night to run some suspicious errands.


  • After arriving home, the husband goes straight to the shower. Or if not, the husband has already taken a shower from another place.


  • The desire to meet up with an escort model usually starts with viewing pornography. If a husband makes it a habit to let his wife catch him watching pornography, most likely, the next thing the wife catches the husband doing is having an affair with an escort model.


  • A husband can be suspicious if he is starting to neglect his husbandly responsibilities to his wife. This is a significant indication that the husband has been feeding his desire somewhere else, in the bosom of a different woman.


  • The husband begins to hide his cell phone. It may be because he does not want to show his conversations with an escort model, or perhaps he wants to hide any pictures taken with him and another woman, particularly an escort model. Many men want to keep memoirs, and certainly they don’t want their wives to see them.


This article is not suggesting that you eventually cheat on your partners. But if you want to have fun, do it discreetly. After all, escort models are entertainers, not home wreckers.


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