How to Avoid Dating Violence

Not in all cases that your date turns out well. This may especially prove true if you are dating a companion model. Of course, you are extra careful if you are dating a model which works under an escort agency. But the story can be different if you are hiring the services of an independent.


You may be the type who easily gets annoyed when something irritates you. She may be someone who nags even with strangers. Read for more information on how avoid this type of unlikely event.


The reality of abuse


Abuse does not only happen to people who frequently see each other, or people who has already developed a relationship. Even people who meet as strangers often fall to the dangers of abuse. This can be caused be something spontaneous. A person’s background can play a very important role in this regard.


The definition


Many people live with abusive partners, yet not even knowing that it is already abuse. Hitting is just one of the most common manifestations of abuse. And this is the type mostly endured by escort models. Some clients do not look at escort models as professional people. They look at them as plainly sex workers. Thus, they think that they can do whatever they like to these women, even to the point of hurting them.




A client who treats an escort model like a lowly individual has signs of being a potential abuser. This is particularly true regarding men who calls an escort model names, or belittles them frequently.


Abusing may occur in other ways aside from being physical. It can be emotional and mental.  The effects can even be long lasting. With the information above along with your determination to treat your companion model well, you can expect a good time together.


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