How to Increase Your Appeal when Dating Escort Models

Escort models may not be that hard to please when it comes to hiring them. As long as you pay, they are OK with it. However, the case may be different when you are the type of person who wants to exhibit appeal. There are different ways on how to increase your appeal when it comes to dating escort models.


  • Groom yourself well. Most women find men who take care of their appearance attractive. Before setting out on a date with an escort model, why not visit your trusted hairstylist and don yourself with the latest look.


  • Never underestimate hygiene. When dating escort models, you need to be fresh. Yes, this is basic, but a person who does not smell good is not appealing, at all. To maintain your hygiene, purchase products which can specifically work wonders on your body.


  • Dress your part. A man who knows how to dress well is amazingly appealing. Of course, you don’t want to appear in front of your escort companion dressed up in business attire if you are going on a simple date. But if you handle yourself well with whatever you are wearing, that’s an extra point for you. Pay particular attention to your shoes. Most models can tell the personality of their client by looking at his shoes.


  • Be a gentleman. An escort model does not expect that, so if you show her some proper manners, she will be delighted. Old fashioned courtesy still work wonders.


  • Be confident in speaking up. Handling a conversation well is one thing that attracts women to men. Make your escort companion comfortable with you. Be discreet not to sound so arrogant, or else that will be minus points for you.


  • At the end of the date, do not forget to say thank you. Even though you are paying for her services, a simple thank you can show your sincere appreciation for her services.

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