How to prepare for an escort model wedding proposal?

You may have already thought of it seriously. Popping the question is not really just the type which can be done outrageously. It needs meditation and a huge amount of confidence, especially if you are planning to offer a marriage proposal to an escort model.

Yes, deciding to marry London escort model is a serious matter. After all, there are advantages as much as there are disadvantages. You also have to consider how other people will react to it, yet not really letting their opinions affect your decision.

Here are some of the things you need to do to prepare for this special event:

  • Be a gentleman. Since you have already reached this point, it means that, at least, you know something about her family already. Make sure to ask for blessing from her family, most especially her father.
  • Women in general, regardless of their experience, love romantic displays. Make sure to have an idea of what she is interested in. Develop a concept out of that idea.
  • Prepare the place. Yet, before doing so, identify if your girl is the private type or one who likes attention. You may propose to her in a restaurant with many people and she doesn’t mind, or she will be happier if you propose to her in a secret, hidden place, where only the two of you are there. Make sure she is comfortable.
  • If you have the means for it, why not bring her to an out of the town trip, or perhaps in a romantic city outside the country, and there pop your question. Nothing would be more romantic to a girl than seeing the effort of her man.
  • Make sure that the ring is carefully chosen; it does not have to expensive, but at least it should be elegant enough and presentable to the eyes of your loved one. Girls love diamonds, but if there is no means for it, simpler jewellery is enough. The most important thing is the thought that comes with it.

A proposal is just a symbolic way of showing your love. What is most important is the life you will have after that. Thus, make sure that you and your escort model wife-to-be will share a blissful life together, free from any insecurities and regrets; a life full of love and hope.


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