How to Treat an Escort Model Right

Escort models, despite their seemingly feisty job, are human beings too. They are women. They get hurt, they experience troubles, and they get sad, mad, and even happy, especially if they are treated well. These girls definitely deserve respect from their clients.


The problem is, many men do not know how to treat these ladies well. They think that they are being paid for their services, and therefore do not deserve any measure of human feelings. This is a wrong connotation. Read along for some information on how to treat an escort model with respect.


  • Thing of escort models as human beings whom you want to cultivate friendship with. The way you show courtesy and respect to your friends is also the same with escort models.


  • It is rude to jump into any sexual activity right after you meet. It is also unprofessional. Take the time to get to know each other a bit. Women, in general, want to engage in a conversation. Ask about her. If she asks you some questions, be honest, but do not give too much unnecessary information.  In this way, she will trust you more and will not hesitate to provide you the service you want to experience.


  • It won’t hurt you if you show a hint of being a gentleman. Your good behaviour will amaze her, and will only enhance your reputation among escort models, especially if you usually book with an escort agency.


  • After her services, make sure to thank her. Sincere appreciation can also be shown by giving her some gifts, or perhaps an extra tip. Be light hearted throughout the night, do not be harsh, and be friendly. Assure her that nothing bad will happen to her in your hands.  Though this is not mandatory, but it can help set the mood better.

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