Escorts 101 – How to Reserve a Seat in a High Class Restaurant?

When dating a escort london in the capital, dining in a fancy restaurant is almost synonymous to saying hi. For most clients, any restaurant will do but for elite businessmen such as executives and company owners, they want nothing but high class venues. However, with tons of special holidays coming, getting a seat for you and your sizzling hot date might not come as easy as counting 1-2-3!

If you are having a hard time with reserving a seat in a high class restaurant, don’t settle to mid-range cafeterias but instead read these helpful tips and tricks listed below:

  1. Get a VIP card – don’t overlook that VIP card being offered by the staff or waiter, it is a must especially when the holiday season is coming. If you are a VIP card holder in a certain venue, the privilege of having a seat is yours, not to mention that you are a priority client. This way, never wait for long queues that would really turn a hot model date off.
  2. Call the restaurant weeks before – if you are not a VIP member there or doesn’t have an online booking connection, calling them weeks before could certainly help you get your desired time. Bear in mind that making a reservation weeks before and not days before.
  3. Give the manager a business card – sounds odd and really peculiar but giving the manager your calling card, especially if you are a high class businessmen or company owner, would increase your chance of having a seat. This shows power and influence that would likewise impress any of the london 24/7 escorts. However don’t be mad if the manager still doesn’t prioritize you, talk to the owner instead and have a bit of chit chat about business to persuade him of giving you a seat.

When dining out with any escort london, make sure to arrange not just your appointment with the girl but your activities as well. Ensure that everything runs smooth and all reservations are carried out for a problem-free fun filled night in a high class restaurant.


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