Presents to us the different types of escorting services!

Indeed, escorting service is not just one type of service provided, as one may have thought. Providing an escort service is not just getting all hyped up with sexual desires, fantasies and gratification. It is a viable type of service, which is not to be misinterpreted. In line with this, our lovely London escorts present to us the various types of escorting services.

The types of escorting services are generally identified through some categories:

1. Purpose. There are different purposes for hiring an escort service. The service can be for temporary service only, or for a longer duration. The temporary service can be just a meeting at the residence or a hotel, which of course, includes other services which may incorporate sexual activities. And the other is for longer duration, such as the services provided by escorts to accompany their clients in travels and business trips. This is generally availed of by clients who need temporary companionship without intending to build a serious relationship.

2. Services Offered. The services offered depends on what was discussed beforehand. It can include agreement on companionship for travels, and other activities such as spending holidays on a yacht, or perhaps diving. It is in this category wherein extra services are identified, such as personal preferences of the client. This includes the agreement of what the client prefers, as well as the limitations and boundaries set by the escort service.

3. Price. Of course, everybody wants to get the worth of the services they paid for. Usually, it is more expensive to hire the services of an escort who works under an escort agency. Additional payments, tip, can also be discussed between the client and the escort. These arrangements can be a negotiation, meaning, an agreement is mutual between both parties.


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