Make Your Companion Model Attracted to you

A night spent with a companion model may be one of those nights wherein you do not expect much talk. After all, who wants to waste time with a lovely and alluring escort model? However, you will really lose nothing if you attempt to make the night special for both of you. Perhaps, you can even challenge yourself by making your companion model get attracted to you. Here are some tips on how to do just so.


  • Women like guys who can stare them in the eye. The effect is more appreciated if the guy can keep the look of interest in his eyes. This can be done when talking with an escort model. The way you handle your eye contact can create some stirring emotions on the model’s part.


  • An escort model will beam from head to toe if you appear in front of her smelling good. But this is quite challenging. The cologne you choose should be likeable. Thus, when purchasing one, make sure to tag along a lady friend with you. Do not overdo with your cologne, applying a little dab of it will work the secret.


  • Charm your partner with your amazing personality. Well, this does not mean that you have to pretend what you are really not. Just be yourself. An escort model, or any woman, in this case, easily falls for a guy who has a good sense of humour. If the model laughs along with you, and you can sense that her laugh is genuine, then you are in the right track.


  • Sometimes, being aggressive works wonders. This attitude attracts escort models, who dig for macho men. Again, there is no need to overdo this. Being aggressive may mean knowing what’s right from wrong, and standing firm for what you believe is right.




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