Moving In Together with an Escort Model

So, you have met this escort model several times, and you want to take the next level up. Marriage is not in your list, but you definitely want to spend more time with her. Then, you think of moving in together. But the problem is, the feeling of hesitation surfaces, because perhaps this is your first time to do so. Here is some information about moving in together.


  • If you decide to move in together, you need to establish ground rules. This includes the fact that you have to carefully point out what you want your escort partner to do with her job as a model. Both of you should agree on this very crucial part of your relationship. If this is not agreed on, the rest will just be useless.


  • Decide on how you want your home to be decorated. Yes, it may seem like a childish game, but you need your love nest to be a place where comfort meets passion. Decorating your house together will also increase the bond between the two of you.


  • Doing the house work should be well agreed upon too. It may not be expected that your model partner will do all the chores. She may not like that. In fact, she has given up so much for you, and asking her for more may tire her out.


  • Discuss your finances. If your escort model partner decides to quit her job, you, as the head, should carefully consider if you can support for the both of you, or if she needs to find another job. Finances are one of the things which cause problems between couples. Early on, this should be planned well.


  • There is no question that you are into each other. But find time to spend with yourself, or your friends. There is no need to be together all the time, as it may just bore your life out.




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