Sexiest Gaming Partner You Find

The Sexiest Gaming Partner You Can Hope to Find

When gaming was in its infancy, it was played mostly buy young children with adults taking little interest. As those little children have grown up though, many have retained their interest in gaming and now adults make up a large portion of gamers throughout the world. Not everybody is a keen gamer though and some gamers might find themselves without somebody to play with, but a London escort has come to the rescue. Kerry, a 31-year-old escort with, is willing to be your gaming partner for the evening and it is a service which has seen a lot of demand.

Playing Since Youth

“I grew up with 4 brothers and they were always gaming so I think that’s where I got my interest from”, said Kerry. “Women tend not to be as interested in gaming as men are, and I was able to spot a niche that I was able to fulfill”. “Men quite often find themselves without a gaming partner and I am able to fill that void, in addition to adding some intimacy to the evening” she added. “I have also found gaming to be so much fun, but it’s even more fun when you can add a little sauciness.

A Skilled Gamer

“I’m actually quite good and I like to play when I’m at home as well so I get lots of practice”, said Kerry. “I can play all genres and I have most of the latest titles so there’s few games I’m not good at”. “If there is something I’ve not played, then I will usually pick it up pretty quickly”, she added.

“I find that guys usually like a challenge when playing against other people and I am not easy to beat”. “If anything, I’m usually the one that wins”, she added. “It can get quite competitive at times, but it’s always taken in a good spirit”, she added. “Any tensions that may arise are easily quelled when behind closed doors as well”, she giggled.

Available all Week

Kerry is available for booking 24/7, although you may need to book in advance if you wish to meet her during unsociable hours. She can play on all consoles and PC, although of course you will need to provide all equipment yourself. It is advised to book as early as possible to be sure that she is available on your preferred date and time, especially on weekends and holidays.



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