Things not to tell an escort model during a fight

Yes, petty fights can sometimes be expected during your date with a companion model. This fight may turn your night sour, and may even annoy you to the point that you want to divulge some things out of your emotion. However, as with any other type of relationship, control is vital.


There are things better left unsaid. There are things that you should not tell an escort model during your fight. Read along for some information on those things.


  • Do not tell an escort model that she does not deserve respect because of her job. There are reasons why these girls ended up with the job that they have, and it is none of your business. Even at the height of anger, be watchful of your words.


  • Never compare an escort model with one you also had before. Comparing services and even physical attributes is simply a rude thing to do. Even if you are fighting, remember that escort models are also human beings, with the capability of being hurt.


  • Do not tell your companion model that she reminds you of your mom. First of all, she does not know your mom, and she does not deserve do not be compared with anybody.


  • And most of all, she does not deserve abusive words. You may sometimes think of an escort model as a lowly individual because of the type of job that she has, but she certainly does not deserve to hear abusive, and dirty words from you. Yes, she may be capable of firing back the same kinds of words, but you should know better.


Yes, dealing with an escort model is a special type of relationship. You may start the night well, and suddenly the night can turn sour. Don’t forget that both of you are human beings, both are expected to give and receive respect.


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